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Artificial stimulation can help fight brain disorders

Scientists know that stimulating the brain via electricity or other means may help ease the symptoms of various neurological and psychiatric disorders like epilepsy and depression.

Epileptics face higher risks of discrimination

Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found that people with epilepsy are at significantly higher risk of experiencing discrimination due to health problems than the general population.

New compound may help fight epilepsy

A team of researchers have developed neuroprotective compounds that may help prevent the development of epilepsy in humans.

Type 1 diabetes may increase chances of epilepsy

Seizures are the first symptoms of epilepsy characterized by change in brain's electrical activity. 


New-found hope for epilepsy patients in the form of Marijuana

Various reports have suggested that parents of children with severe epilepsy have claimed incredible recoveries when their children were given cannabidiol, a derivative of marijuana.

Watch: Things you need to know about epilepsy

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Mishra

New Delhi: Epilepsy is the most common type of serious brain disorder characterized by repeated seizures. It is also known as seizure disorder and effects the nervous system of the body.

Epilepsy drug brings hope for multiple sclerosis patients

Currently there are no neuroprotective drugs available for MS sufferers, whose nerve fibres are attacked by their own immune system.

Marijuana derivative can safely reduce epilepsy seizures

A medical marijuana derivative was found safe and effective in reducing the frequency of seizures in most children and young adults enrolled in a year-long study led by epilepsy specialists in the US.

Epileptics likelier to commit suicide than others

According to a new study, patients with epilepsy are more likely to commit suicide than the general population.

Exploring memory decline in epileptics

Four studies, exploring memory decline in the people with epilepsy, have uncovered the biological factors that mediate memory loss.

Common diabetic drug that can prevent hemorrhage identified

 A team of scientists has discovered a common diabetes drug that could prevent hemorrhage and fatal blood loss.

Male, female brains operate differently: Study

A new study of a brain region involved in learning and memory, responses to stress and epilepsy has found that male and female brains operate differently at a molecular level.

Music could be new frontier in epilepsy treatment

In conjunction with traditional treatment, music may be used as a novel intervention to help prevent seizures in people with epilepsy.

World first: 3D-printed pill gets a thumbs up from FDA!

In a world first, the US Food and Drug Administration has given approval for a 3D-printed pill to be produced and is expected to hit the markets in the first quarter of 2016.

Soon, deliver drugs to brain via remote control

A team of researchers has developed a tiny wireless device that, once implanted in the brain, can be activated by remote control to deliver targeted drugs.

Epilepsy may increase death risk during childbirth

Women with epilepsy may be at a higher risk for complications and death during childbirth, says a new study.

Epilepsy drug shows promise in treating Alzheimer's disease

In a new study, scientists have claimed that the medication for epilepsy could offer a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Epilepsy patients cured by advanced surgery using laser

Three patients, including a four-year-old, suffering from uncontrolled epilepsy successfully underwent an advanced minimally invasive technique using laser at the AIIMS, doctors said here on Tuesday.

Telephonic follow-up of epilepsy patients at AIIMS soon?

Telephonic follow-up with epilepsy patients who live far away could be introduced at the AIIMS here soon following a study that showed that some patients suffered seizures while travelling sleepless overnight in unreserved train compartments to reach the premier Delhi hospital.

Advanced Epilepsy Neurobiology lab set up in AIIMS

AIIMS, in collaboration with the National Brain Research Centre (NBRC) in Manesar, have set up an advanced Epilepsy Neurobiology lab for epilepsy to improve diagnosis of patients and identify the cause of the disease at a cellular-level.