Suven Life Sciences gets patents for neuro-degenerative drug

Pharmaceutical firm Suven Life Sciences has been granted a patent each by Eurasia and Israel for drug used in the treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases.

Tooth samples of ape ancestors provide clues to their diet and environment

Newly analyzed tooth samples from the great apes of the Miocene indicate that the same dietary specialization that allowed the apes to move from Africa to Eurasia may have led to their extinction

Everest was born after Asia was squeezed like toothpaste

Researchers have claimed that Mt. Everest was born after Asia was squeezed like a tube of toothpaste.

How collision between India, Eurasia formed Tibetan Plateau

It is well understood that the collision between India and Eurasia led to the formation of the Tibetan Plateau that has an average elevation of 5 km and a much thickened crust.

Snow cover in N Hemisphere shrinks to record low

Satellites observations have indicated that snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere is decreasing much faster than expected.

Diktat to Indian envoys on students in Eurasia

India asked its top envoys in Eurasia to be sensitive to always be available to help students, who are relatively "vulnerable".