EU accepts anti-trust remedies from Delta, Air France, Alitalia

EU regulators accepted concessions from Delta, Air France-KLM and Alitalia on Tuesday to end an anti-trust probe into alleged illegal collusion over flights between the United States and Europe.

Europeans resist `mad` EU refugee quota plan

 Key European governments are fiercely resisting an EU plan that would force the bloc`s 28 member states to share the burden of hosting refugees in the wake of the migrant tragedies in the Mediterranean. 

EU says key principles `non-negotiable` in talks with Britain

The EU said on Friday it was ready to work with Britain`s re-elected Prime Minister David Cameron on his reform demands but said key principles including the freedom of movement were "non-negotiable".

EU warns Hungary`s Orban of a `fight` if he pushes for death penalty

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker on Thursday warned Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban of a "fight" if he pushes for reintroducing the death penalty in his EU country.

Germany spied on French and EU officials for US: Report

German intelligence services spied on top French officials and the European Commission on behalf of the American spy agency NSA, according to an article to appear Thursday in Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

EU announces USD 3.25 million emergency aid for Nepal

The European Commission on Sunday released USD 3.25 million in emergency aid for Nepal, where over 2,500 people died in a massive earthquake the previous day.

EU states to get greater say on GMO use

The European Union (EU) has decided to allow member states a greater say in the use of EU-authorised genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as feed and food.

EU says Ukraine-Russia gas talks in Berlin postponed

EU-brokered gas talks between Russia and Ukraine on a long-term supply deal due Tuesday in Berlin have been postponed, the EU announced on Friday.

UEFA take fight against TPO to European Commission
UEFA take fight against TPO to European Commission

UEFA and international players` union FIFPro have lodged a complaint with the European Commission questioning the legality of third-party player ownership, known as TPO, European football`s governing body announced on Wednesday.

EU`s Juncker to visit Kiev next week

 European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday said he will visit Kiev next week on his first bilateral trip since taking office in November, in a show of support for Ukraine`s embattled government.

Juncker says EU needs Britain, but can't change basic treaty

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Monday the EU and Britain needed each other and he would do all he could to keep the "down to earth" British in the bloc -- but not at the expense of changing fundamental treaties.

Juncker EU Army plan impractical, unpopular: Analysts

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker`s call for an EU army to counter a more assertive Russia is impractical and will face strong resistance from many member states, analysts said Monday.

Commission chief Juncker calls for EU army

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker on Sunday called for the creation of an EU army in the wake of rising tensions with Russia.

EU condemns `arbitrary` Nemtsov funeral bans

The EU on Tuesday condemned Russia`s "arbitrary" refusal to allow several prominent European figures to attend the funeral of assassinated opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.

Greece sends comprehensive reform plan to lenders: EU source

Greece sent a list of economic reform plans to European institutions and the International Monetary Fund around midnight that was "a valid starting point" for talks over its bailout, a source close to the European Commission said on Tuesday.

Greece to present reforms to finalise loan extension

Greece is due to submit a list of proposed reforms to its debt inspectors by Monday night to get final approval for an extension to its rescue loans.

Greece extension request `paves way` for debt compromise: EU

A request by Greece to extend its bailout loan agreement with its European partners marks a big step towards achieving a much-needed compromise to end the row, the EU said on Thursday.

EC criticises Israeli decision to withhold Palestinian tax funds

The European Commission on Tuesday criticised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s decision to withhold tax revenues from the Palestinians in reprisal for their bid to join The Hague-based International Criminal Court, ICC.

Russia is `strategic problem` for EU, Juncker says

Russia is now a "strategic problem" for the EU amid the crisis in Ukraine, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said Thursday, but he insisted Brussels would not be blackmailed by the cancellation of a huge gas pipeline.

EU`s Juncker survives confidence vote

Jean-Claude Juncker and his European Commission survived a no confidence vote in the European Parliament on Thursday over the "Luxleaks" tax scandal just a month into his team`s five-year mandate.