First online murder may happen by end of year: Experts
First online murder may happen by end of year: Experts

The world's first 'online murder' via a hacked internet-connected device could happen by the end of this year, experts have warned.

Platini warns of `mafia-type organisations` behind match-fixing

The Uefa president has called for the introduction of a European sports police force as he aims to fight corruption within the game.

Europol busts football match-fixing ring

Europol has revealed that 380 football matches across the globe are under suspicion of match-fixing, following a lengthy investigation into what it considers a criminal network within the sport.

Europe Police arrest 103 in human trafficking ring

Human trafficking is a global multi-billion dollar business, only ranking behind illegal drugs and arms trafficking.

Europol chief warns of jihad threat

European security officials are
warning of a new, decentralised jihadist threat that is hard
to track.

Major child pornography ring busted: Europol

Police arrested 112 people in 22
countries after a year-long investigation into child pornography, Europol said.

Europol plans task force for Norway: Report

The Norway suspect posted comments on Christian fundamentalist websites and held anti-Muslim views.

`Biggest` online paedophile ring busted

Europol said the probe, dubbed Operation Rescue, started three years ago.