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Site exhibition of archaeological finds inaugurated

The project for restoration of the over 400-year-old tombs complex started in 2013.

Archaeologists unearth Iron Age skeleton in Odisha

Archaeologists unearth Iron Age skeleton in Odisha

A team of archaeologists and historians have unearthed a human skeleton, thought to be dating back to the early Iron Age, from Talagada village in Odisha’s Cuttack district on Wednesday.

Excavation reveals Tiladhak university existed in Kushan age

Deeper excavation near ancient Nalanda Institution has indicated that foundation of the 'Tiladhak University' was laid during the Kushan period of first century AD and not Gupta period, senior officials of Art and Culture department said Saturday.

40,000 year old paintings excavated in Asia may rewrite history of art

A recent excavation project disclosed that art may not have originated in Europe but also along the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

Flores bones suggests new `hobbit` human had Down`s syndrome

A reanalysis of the flores bones have revealed that what they called as new `hobbit` human might just had a Down`s Syndrome and was not a distinct species.

A 9,000-year-old magic wand!

A `magic wand` that is believed to be part of an ancient burial ritual 9,000 years ago in Syria has been unearthed by archaeologists.

Visit 11,000-year-old colony under Baltic Sea

In a scintillating find, an 11,000-year-old settlement has been unearthed under Baltic Sea near Sweden.

Excavation at N Korea nuclear test site: US think-tank

Recent satellite imagery suggests North Korea has stepped up excavation work at its main nuclear test site, but there are no signs of an imminent test, a US think-tank said on Friday.

10,000-year-old house discovered outside Jerusalem

Excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the Judean Shephelah provides a "fascinating glimpse into thousands of years of human development."

Treasure hunt: ASI hits dead end, stops excavation

A month after the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) began excavations in Daudiya Kheda area here following a seer`s claim that 1,000 tonnes of gold was buried at the site, officials on Monday stopped the dig after hitting a dead end.

Shobhan Sarkar writes to PM seeking transparency in Unnao gold excavation

With the excavation for "dream gold" at the Raja Rao Ram Baksh Singh`s fort here yielding no result, saint Shobhan Sarkar has shot off letters to Manmohan Singh and Akhilesh Yadav seeking transparency in the ongoing excavation.

ASI to start excavation for stupas in Bhagalpur

The ASI will soon start excavations to find Buddhist stupas of Pala dynasty believed to be existing near the ruins of the ancient Vikrashila university in Bihar`s Bhagalpur district, an ASI official said today.

China begins excavation to discover 3000-year-old ancient city

Chinese archaeologists have started a three-month excavation project in north China`s Hebei Province to discover an ancient state capital dating back to more than 3,000 years.

‘Mass grave’ in SL town unearths human remains of over 60 people

Human remains in what appears to be a mass grave that was unearthed last month in of Matale could be "the site of a crime", forensic investigators have said.

Mexican archaeologists excavate 850-yr-old human skeleton

Human skeletons estimated to be about 850-years-old have been found by a group of excavators at an archaeological site in Mexico.

New ancient camels named from Panama Canal excavation

The study is the first published description of a fossil mammal discovered as part of an international project in Panama.

Nitish wants excavation of archaeological site

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on Tuesday visited an archaeological site at Balirajgarh in Bihar`s Madhubani district.

Prehistoric skull unearthed in Nice

A fraction of a prehistoric skull, which is believed to be 170,000 years old, has been unearthed in Nice.

Pvt company`s excavation threatens ancient Hindu temple in Pak

Durga Mata temple is one of two shrines where Hindus always go on Shivratri.

Finds at excavation site support `Spice Route`

Vizhinjam was once the capital of Ay dynasty which ruled southern
Kerala from 8th to 10th century.