Convicted rapist and killer executed in US

A man was executed Wednesday in the US state of Missouri for the rape and murder of a teenage girl, authorities said.

Pakistani executed in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Tuesday executed a Pakistani national in Medina city for trafficking heroin.

China executes 3 Taiwanese for drug trafficking

China executed three Taiwanese drug smugglers on Tueday as UN observed International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Iraq executed 230 people from 2005-2009: Spokesman

Iraq executed 230 people from 2005
to 2009 and a further 1,200 have been sentenced to death, a
government spokesman said on Tuesday.

French aid worker executed in Africa: Sarkozy

A 78-year-old ailing French aid worker
was executed "in cold blood" by al Qaeda`s North African
branch three months after his capture.

37 killed in Baghdad as `Chemical Ali` hanged

Suicide bombers struck near three hotels popular with Western journalists and businessmen Monday just as Iraq announced the execution of Saddam Hussein`s notorious cousin known as "Chemical Ali."