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Afghanistan's Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum exiled to Turkey

Afghanistan's embattled Vice President, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum has left for Turkey, another long exile for the former warlord amid a criminal investigation into rape accusations leveled against him.

Yahya Jammeh leaves The Gambia for exile after 22 years in power

The former President of The Gambia left the country on a flight bound for Guinea on Saturday, a day after agreeing to accept the results of last month's election and peacefully cede power, local media reported.

Taslima Nasrin’s latest memoir is a tribute to Kolkata – Book review

One of the most controversial literary figures of contemporary times, Taslima Nasrin has always been forthright in her opinions and thus the title of her latest memoir, Exile, is but a fitting synonym to a life lived under sustained duress.

Benazir, Musharraf did not want Sharif to return from exile, reveals ex-PM

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has claimed that former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto did not want Nawaz Sharif to return to Pakistan before the 2008 general elections.

DNA: Kashmiri pandits–The forgotten minority

Despite all the attention on every issue, often forgotten case is that of the Kashmiri Pandits. Ever since the pandits were forced out of the Valley, they have stayed on the margins of public and political attention.