Climate change to drive exodus from Middle East and North Africa

More than 500 million people live in the Middle East and North Africa - a region which is very hot in summer and where climate change is already evident. 

Exodus of white dwarf stars captured for first time ever

A team of astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has, for the first time, collected a census of young white dwarf stars beginning their migration from the crowded center of an ancient star cluster to its less populated outskirts.

China denies 'exodus' of bureaucrats amid anti-graft drive

A Chinese official has publicly denied rumors of an "exodus" of bureaucrats from civil service following reports of widespread unhappiness over poor working conditions and an anti-corruption drive.

Australian Rugby Union relaxes Wallabies eligibility rules

Australian Rugby Union relaxes Wallabies eligibility rules

The Australian Rugby Union Wednesday relaxed eligibility rules to allow senior players at overseas clubs to represent the Wallabies after facing a mass exodus of stars following this year`s World Cup.

China calls for Brazil football player exodus

China calls for Brazil football player exodus

Still getting over Brazil`s World Cup semi-final debacle at the hands of eventual winners Germany, fears have been expressed for the future well-being of the domestic league amid an ongoing exodus to Europe, but also China.

'Exodus: Gods and Kings' banned in Egypt due to 'historical inaccuracies'

'Exodus: Gods and Kings' banned in Egypt due to 'historical inaccuracies'

'Exodus: Gods and Kings,' based on the Biblical book of Exodus, has been banned by Egyptian authorities due to "historical inaccuracies".

Saudis bemoan soaring labour costs after migrant exodus

Saudis have begun complaining of surging labour costs following the exodus of a million foreign workers, although economists insist there will be long-term planning benefits from fully regulating the market.

Christian Bale in talks to play Moses

Actor Christian Bale is reportedly being pursued for the role of Moses in Ridley Scott`s ‘Exodus’.

Unchecked sites led to India exodus: Chinese daily

An editorial in the Global Times obliquely defended curbs like banning Twitter and Facebook by China.

Exodus has stopped, say police,railway officials

With confidence-building measures and scaled up security in place, exodus of Northeasterners has stopped.

Exodus of NE people from from K’taka, TN, Maha abates

The panic exodus of northeast people from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra abated and no special trains were operated to Guwahati .

K`taka HM meets Arunachal MP, assures security for North East people

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister R. Ashok conceded to the request of Arunachal Pradesh Lok Sabha member Takam Sanjoy to provide security, a convention hall, free food and lodging to the people of North East.

B`lore police arrest six for attack, intimidation, false SMSes

The Karnataka government on Friday arrested six persons on charges of attack, intimidation and sending "false" SMSes to people of the region.

Assam ministers rush to Bangalore

Assam ministers rushed to Bangalore on Friday to discuss the exodus with Karnataka government following rumours that they would be attacked.

NE Cong panel demands action from Centre

NECCC demanded that the Centre take appropriate action to prevent mass exodus of NE students from southern states and Maha .

Libya exodus `emergency` as Asian workers land in Malta

UNHCR said almost 100,000 migrant workers have fled Libya in the past week.

RBS Coutts sees staff exodus in Singapore

More than a quarter of the staff at the Singapore office of private bank RBS Coutts have quit in a mass resignation and some, sources said, could be joining Swiss rival BSI.

Over 300 killed in Indonesia Eid road exodus: Police

More than 300 people have been killed in road accidents in Indonesia during a mass exodus to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, a police spokesman said Wednesday.