Rare 'Velvet Spider' species found in Maharashtra's Melghat

Velvet Spider, a very rare spider species which was believed to be extinct has been found in the jungles of Melghat in Maharashtra's Amravati district.

Long-lost secrets of extinct Dodo revealed

A new laser 3D scan of the extinct flightless bird dodo has exposed portions of its anatomy previously unknown to science, revealing secrets about how the bird once lived, says a study.

Giant shark 'Megalodon' went extinct around 2.6 mn years ago, say researchers

Giant shark 'Megalodon' went extinct around 2.6 mn years ago, say researchers

The largest shark ever on the face of earth 'Megalodon' became extinct approx 2.6 million years ago, reveal researchers.

Human hunters wiped out Ice Age animals

Large animals in Ice Age that included Sabre-toothed cats, huge kangaroos, and a leopard-sized marsupial lion became extinct because of human hunters and not climate change, says a new study.

Species go extinct far faster than before: Study

Species of plants and animals are becoming extinct at least 1,000 times faster than they did before humans arrived on the scene.

Sahara`s wildlife suffers catastrophic collapse

Researchers have warned that the world`s largest tropical desert, the Sahara, has suffered a catastrophic collapse of its wildlife populations.

Once `extinct` Pinnochio lizard rediscovered!

The long-nosed Pinocchio lizard, believed to be extinct for 50 years, has been rediscovered in the cloud forests of Ecuador.

20 mn-year-old extinct koala species discovered

Scientists have discovered an extinct species of koala bear that lived in the rainforest canopies of northern Australia about 20 million years ago.

14 closely related crocodiles existed around 5-mn-yrs ago

An international team of scientists have revealed that a total of 14 different crocodile species existed and at least seven of them occupied the same area at the same time about five million years ago.

Dinosaurs may be brought back to life

Even though dinosaurs have been long extinct, bringing them back to life might be possible.

Info about 65m-yr-old dinosaur teeth uncovered

In a new study, researchers from two disparate fields have discovered the teeth of 65-million-year-old dinosaurs.

`Expect one, all species of vultures extinct in Kerala`

Factors like reduction of habitat have contributed to the decline of vultures.

New species of horned dinosaurs discovered

Fossils of two new species of horned dinosaurs have been discovered in southern Utah.