Polanski appears in Polish court for extradition hearing

Filmmaker Roman Polanski appeared in a Polish court on Wednesday at a hearing to consider a US request for his extradition over a 1977 child sex crime conviction.

UK court orders ex-mafia boss extradited to Italy

A British court on Friday ordered the extradition to Italy of a former Sicilian mafia boss who has lived under a pseudonym in a London suburb for 20 years.

Europe court backs extradition of mentally ill British suspect

The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday backed the extradition of a mentally ill British man accused of setting up a jihadist training camp in the United States.

Belgium charges terror suspect extradited from Greece

Belgian authorities charged an Algerian man with terrorism offences on Thursday after he was extradited from Greece over a plot to kill police, prosecutors said.

Dutch can extradite Russian `megahacker` to US: Court

 A Dutch court ruled on Tuesday that a Russian accused of one of the largest US corporate hacks of more than 160 million credit card details can be extradited to the US.

Roman Polanski says trusts Polish Judiciary System amidst extradition request

Roman Polanski has revealed that he trusts the Polish Judiciary System and that he will cooperate with the authorities as they deal with the latest extradition request from the U.S.

Former Punjab CM Beant Singh's assassin Tara to challenge extradition

US-based rights group Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) has hired top Thai attorneys help former Punjab chief minister Beant Singh's assassin and Khalistan Tiger Force commander Jagtar Singh 'Tara' challenge the Thai Criminal Court's order to extradite him to India.

China presents US with list of alleged fugitives

China has provided the US with a list of alleged fugitives amid a campaign to track down corrupt officials and others who have fled abroad, the State Department's representative to recent law enforcement talks said on Friday.

Egypt issues law on extradition of foreign defendants

 President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi decreed a law Wednesday on the extradition of foreign defendants sentenced or charged in Egypt, after an international uproar over the detention of Al-Jazeera journalists.

Delhi HC reserves order on Indian priest's plea against extradition

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday reserved its verdict on a plea challenging a trial court order recommending extradition to US of an Indian Catholic priest accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in that country during his stay in 2004.

Malaysian diplomat on sex attack charge granted bail

 A Malaysian diplomat accused of a sex attack on a young woman here in May was granted bail on his second appearance since his extradition in the Wellington District Court Tuesday.

Delhi HC dismisses Catholic priest's plea against extradition to US

The Delhi High Court Tuesday dismissed a plea against an extradition order by Catholic priest Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul, who was accused of molesting a child in the US in 2004.

Canadian`s appeal to stop extradition to US rejected

An Iraqi-born Canadian man accused of helping to plan suicide bombings which left five American soldiers has dead lost an appeal against his extradition to the United States.

Italian anti-mafia police seize 360m euros in assets

Anti-mafia investigators in Italy today seized assets worth 487 million USD including quarries, villas and stores from a businessman suspected of links to the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, the police said.

Suspected Mexican drug cartel leader extradited to US

An alleged leader of Mexico`s Sinaloa cartel arrived in San Diego after being extradited to the United States from the Netherlands.

Bangladesh to seek extradition of murder suspect from India

Bangladesh on Sunday said it will seek the extradition from India of a key-suspect who murdered seven people in the country after he was arrested last night in Kolkata.

Plan to attack consulates: Extradition process of Lankan begins

The extradition process of a Sri Lankan national, arrested in Malaysia for alleged conspiracy to carry out terror strikes on the US and Israeli consulates in South India, has begun with India approaching Interpol for issuing an Red Corner notice against the accused.

Russian tycoon avoids extradition by Cambodia

Cambodia`s highest court on Friday rejected a request by Russia to extradite a tycoon accused of embezzling tens of millions of dollars in a real estate scam.

Italy to extradite mafia linked suspect from Lebanon

Italy is seeking to extradite ex-senator Marcello Dell`Utri, a mafia linked suspect and Silvio Berlusconi`s former political ally, who was arrested in Lebanon, Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Saturday.

Lawyers advice CBI not to appeal in Shankaran extradition

CBI has been advised by its lawyers in the United Kingdom not to proceed with an appeal against the high court order turning down the extradition of Naval war room leak case accused Ravi Shankaran.