Court OKs stripping binational jihadist of French nationality

France's top legal body ruled on Friday that stripping a binational convicted jihadist of his French nationality was lawful, just as the country ups its fight against extremism.

France's Hollande urges big business to help in anti-terror fight

French President Francois Hollande urged business leaders gathered in Davos Friday to take action in the fight against extremism, saying the financial sector could help by cutting off funding sources.

15,000 join anti-Islam protest in eastern Germany

A record 15,000 people marched Monday in eastern Germany against "asylum cheats" and the country`s "Islamisation" in the latest show of strength of a growing far-right populist movement.

Over 2 mn Muslims throng Mount Arafat as Haj reaches climax

Over 2 million pilgrims, including about 1.5 lakh Indians, thronged Mount Arafat and its surrounding plain today for the high point of Haj as Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti voiced Islam's unequivocal position against extremism and terrorism.

US dual policy is recipe for more violence: Syria

Syria's foreign minister on Monday blasted the United States' "dual policy" of striking at some militants in Syria while providing money, weapons and training to others, calling it a recipe for more violence and terrorism.

Bangladesh won't allow soil for extremism: Hasina

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said that she would not allow the soil of her country to be used for any kind of extremism and hoped that India would also reciprocate on the matter.

'People need to come together to end drug menace in Punjab'

Raising concern over the increasing consumption of intoxicants among youth in Punjab, politicians and eminent personalities on Sunday said people need to come together to end the drug menace in the state just the way militancy and extremism was eradicated.

Britain mulls steps to combat extremism

To discourage extremist elements originating from Britain, Home Secretary Theresa May has plans to bring in new laws that may strip Britons fighting in Syria and Iraq of their citizenship.

MPs want effective mechanism to combat terrorism

Members in Rajya Sabha on Monday demanded effective mechanisms to combat terrorism and favoured widespread police reforms and development policy to check extremism and prevent infiltration.

Teachers face action over extremism in UK schools

Teachers across Britain who expose students to extremist speakers may be struck off without a right to appeal, the UK government on Tuesday warned after a report found a "disturbing" effort by Islamic hardliners to gain control of some school.

CPI asks govt to lift ban on Maoists

Asserting that economic offences and communal violence were more harmful to society than the Left party extremism, CPI on Friday asked the Centre and state governments to lift ban on Maoists.

Jihadists kidnap nearly 200 Kurds in Syria: NGO

Syria`s most extremist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), have kidnapped nearly 200 Kurdish civilians from the Aleppo area, a monitor said on on Friday.

China Xi for "zero tolerance" against terrorism

Calling on Asian countries to build a new "sustainable" and "durable" security cooperation structure, Chinese President Xi Jinping today pledged "zero tolerance" for terrorism, separatism and extremism in the region.

India, China working to counter terrorism threat: NSA

India and China are working together to counter the threat of terrorism and extremism faced by the two countries, National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon said on Monday.

Afghan, Pak envoys clash at UN Security Council meet

Top diplomats from Afghanistan and Pakistan engaged in verbal sparring during a discussion on cross-border terrorism.

Iran`s presidential-elect Rouhani vows to fight `extremism`

Iran` new presidential-elect Hassan Rouhani has hailed his election win as a victory over extremism.

Iran hails President-elect Hassan Rouhani as `Sheikh of hope`

The election of moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani as Iran president signals a return of hope and reforms and that the people desire a policy of moderation over extremism, newspapers said today.

Russian government seeks stricter penalties for extremism

A Russian government commission is considering increasing criminal punishments for extremism-related crimes and wrongdoing by religious organizations, the cabinet said Tuesday.

Thousands headed to violent extremism: British home secretary

British Home Secretary Theresa May on Sunday warned that thousands of people living in Britain could be "on the path" to becoming violent radicals and terrorists.

Moderation, tolerance can overcome voices of extremism: Malaysia

Malaysia on Monday said the two qualities are vital for progress and can overcome the voices of extremism.