Eye movements reflect our moral decisions
Eye movements reflect our moral decisions

 A new study has revealed that moral decisions can be influenced by eye tracking.

Eye movements may predict how fast people make decisions

A team of researchers have revealed that people who are less patient tend to move their eyes with greater speed.

Driver`s eye movements play key role in controlled curve driving

A cognitive scientist has revealed exactly how looking at the road guides the car through the curve, suggesting new crucial aspects of eye movements in curve driving.

Soon, control computers with eye movements

People could soon direct computers with their eyes, an Israeli entrepreneur has predicted.

Now, test that diagnoses schizophrenia by checking gaze

Researchers have come up with an almost 100 percent accurate test to detect schizophrenics by checking their gaze.

Avatars with real eye movements to spot online lies

It may soon be possible to detect if
someone is lying online with the help of avatars that can
mimic our real-world eye movements.