Turkish F-16 jets scramble to intercept Syrian jets

Four Turkish F-16 fighter jets scrambled Saturday to intercept two Syrian warplanes which approached southern Turkey, the Turkish military said.

US suspends delivery of F-16s to Egypt: Pentagon

The United States has decided not to go ahead with plans to supply Egypt with an additional four F-16 fighter jets due to unrest gripping the country, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

US to upgrade Taiwan F-16s, not sell new ones

The move is aimed at improving
Taiwan`s ability to defend itself, while assuaging China`s
concern over the arms sales.

US, China talk on Taiwan as jet decision nears

US officials have said that they will decide by October 01 on whether to sell F-16 jets to Taiwan.

Pak negotiating for 14 more F-16 jets: PAF chief

Pakistan is negotiating with
the US to get fourteen F-16 combat jets in addition to the 18
fighters whose delivery will begin later this year, air force
chief Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman said on Saturday.