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Newark airport reopens after engine fire prompts plane evacuation

Newark Liberty International Airport is a major international hub near New York City.

Air India says three of its Drealiners affected due to FAA directive

Air India says three of its Drealiners affected due to FAA directive

Air India Monday said three of its Dreamliner planes have been affected due to the US aviation regulator FAA's airworthiness directive over an engine defect in the Boeing 787-800 aircraft but maintained that the issue will be resolved in the next two weeks without grounding of the planes.

Commercial Aircraft Corp of China delivered first jet to domestic low-cost carrier airline

Commercial Aircraft Corp of China delivered first jet to domestic low-cost carrier airline

State planemaker Commercial Aircraft Corp of China (COMAC) said on Sunday it has delivered the first ARJ21 jet to domestic low-cost carrier Chengdu Airlines, calling it a big breakthrough in China`s efforts to develop its domestic jet plane design and manufacturing capabilities.

1 dead, 1 injured in skydiving accident in Arizona

A reserve parachute was flying properly but encountered turbulence during the landing.

India gets back Category-I aviation safety ranking

India's aviation safety ranking was Wednesday upgraded to Category-1 by US aviation watchdog Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), a move that could pave the way for domestic airlines to expand their services to that country.

US FAA report on India's aviation safety likely by April 10

A team of officials from the US aviation watchdog Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is in the capital for a final assessment of India's aviation safety is expected to submit its report by April 10.

DGCA acting on FAA findings on Indian civil aviation securitty: Sharma

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is taking action on the findings brought up by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on India's aviation safety, which remained downgraded since early last year.

India's aviation safety mechanism likely to remain downgraded till March

India's aviation safety mechanism is likely to remain downgraded till March next year with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finding deficiencies on eight counts, it was officially stated Tuesday.

Civil Aviation Ministry preparing list of crucial issues

With a new government taking over on Monday, Civil Aviation Ministry is preparing a list of crucial issues facing the sector like review of the 5/20 rule to allow Indian carriers to launch global operations and the downgrade of India's safety ranking by the US aviation regulator.

FAA downgrade: Jet recasting US plans, rules out revenue hit

Late last month, FAA downgraded the country's safety from top to second ranking citing inadequate oversight by the DGCA.

India aviation safety downgrade unrelated to diplomatic row: US

Asserting that the US downgrade of India's aviation regulator had "absolutely nothing" to do with the Khobragade affair, Washington says it was committed to help India get its status back as soon as possible.

US committed to help India get back Category 1 aviation rating

Earlier, the FAA announced that India is not in compliance with international safety standards set by the UN agency International Civilian Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Govt 'disappointed' after US downgrades air safety ranking

US aviation authorities have downgraded India's safety ranking in a "disappointing" and "surprising" move that will hit air links between the countries, Union aviation minister Ajit Singh said on Friday.

FAA downgrades Indian aviation safety ratings

India's aviation safety ratings have been downgraded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from the top to the second category, which would affect expansion of flights by Indian carriers to the United States.

Changes to faulty 787 Dreamliner battery ensures safety: Boeing

According to Boeing Co.''s chief engineer for the 787 Dreamliner Michael Sinnett, the new battery system is designed to prevent a fire and to control one should it occur with an ''enclosure'', a casing around the battery to prevent heat from being released in the aircraft, Fox News reports.

Boeing 787s get green signal for takeoff

According to Japan Times, the move comes after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration decided to allow 787s to fly again.

FAA formally approves Boeing 787 battery fix

In January the FAA grounded all 787s in service after two incidents on aircraft already in commercial service involving the batteries.

Boeing’s Dreamliner battery fixes approved by US aviation authority

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Boeing's plan, which it said requires it to ‘conduct extensive testing and analysis’.

US safety regulators likely to approve Boeing 787 battery testing

The move will be a critical step towards returning the grounded aircraft to service, two sources familiar with the matter have said.

US aviation regulator rules out safety evaluation of DGCA

US aviation regulator FAA has ruled out holding an immediate safety evaluation of its Indian counterpart DGCA, but has expressed concern over reports about the aviation safety scenario in the country.