`Star Wars` robot arm approved in US

A first-of-its-kind mind-controlled robotic limb that mimics natural motions of a natural arm and can allow users to perform complex tasks such as cooking food and brushing hair has been approved in the US.

E-cigarettes to be regulated under new US plan

US regulators proposed new restrictions today on the soaring 2 billion USD market in e-cigarettes, which until now have been free from federal oversight.

HC upholds ban on advertisement of height-enhancing drug

The Bombay High Court has rejected a petition challenging FDA order to TV channels prohibiting advertisements of a drug which promises to increase a person`s "stature".

Mah govt and FDA told to explain seizure of Parle co`s product

Bombay High Court has asked Maha Govt and Food and Drugs Administration to submit affidavits in reply to a petition filed by Messrs Parle Biscuits.

FDA seizes dates worth Rs 9 lakh from Navi Mumbai

Officials of FDA raided a packaging unit in Navi Mumbai and seized dates worth around Rs 9 lakhs for violating provisions of the Food Act.

FDA panel rejects Avastin for breast cancer use

The FDA began steps to remove Avastin`s breast cancer approval in December.

Oz scientists developing edible vaccine

Oz scientists have identified certain strains of a stomach bacteria which are safe to be used in humans as basis for edible vaccines.

End of road for breast cancer drug?

Most cancer experts say the drug should remain available for patients who are already responding well.

You can`t keep breast implants for life: FDA

Women who get silicone breast implants are likely to need additional surgery within eight to 10 years to address complications such as rupture of the device, US health regulators said on Wednesday.

Prostate drugs raise risk of prostate cancer: FDA

The drugs in this group include Merck & Co`s Proscar and GlaxoSmithKline`s Avodar and Jalyn, as well as Merck`s Propecia.

FDA warns makers of caffeinated alcoholic drinks

US regulators warned makers of caffeinated alcoholic drinks that their products are unsafe and violate federal laws.

FDA seeks more data on J&J pain drug

U.S. health regulators seek more data on J&J`s chronic pain treatment before they approved product.

FDA panel to consider GMO salmon

The first genetically modified animal could move one step closer to the US market on Monday.

FDA OKs new "morning-after" pill

The prescription drug, called ella, is made by French company HRA Pharma.

China-made pill close to get America`s FDA nod

A China-made pill to treat cardiovascular conditions has been tested safe and effective by the US Food and Drug Administration and it could be marketed in America as early as 2013, a pharmaceutical company said here.

FDA says breast cancer drug did not extend lives

Federal health scientists said on Friday that follow-up studies of a Roche breast cancer drug showed that it failed extend patient lives.

FDA warns Pfizer for not reporting side effects

FDA warns Pfizer for failing to quickly report serious potential side effects from drugs.

Drug boosts survival in major skin cancer study

Researchers have scored the first big win against melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. An experimental drug significantly improved survival in a major study of people with very advanced disease.

FDA approves swine flu test for permanent use

The Food and Drug Administration says it has approved the first diagnostic test for 2009 swine flu under its traditional approval system.

FDA cracking down on fat-melting injections

The FDA is cracking down on what are billed as fat-melting injections used in spas across the U.S., saying the drugs have not been proven safe or effective.