Positive outlook, social support can help diabetic patients cope with 'psycho-social challenges'

A new study has revealed that positive outlook and social support can help diabetic patients to deal with emotional, psychological and social difficulties of the disease, which could ultimately improve their health outcomes.

Series of incidents spark fear in coastal Andhra

Friday`s blast and fire in a GAIL pipeline that claimed 14 lives have caused concern among people in coastal Andhra who are demanding proper safety measures by oil and gas companies.

Why we fear things approaching us

Researchers have found a general tendency for humans to fear things approaching, even if non-threatening.

How brain suppresses fear

Researchers have found neurons that prevent mice from forming fearful memories in an area of the brain called the hippocampus.

Different regions of brain processes different types of fear

Researchers have found that - at least in mice - different groups of neurons process different types of fear, even if they act out those fears in the same way.

How anxiety disorders treatment helps overcome fear

During exposure therapy, an effective and common treatment for anxiety disorders, the patient confronts a fear or memory of a traumatic event in a safe environment that leads to a gradual loss of fear.

Watching others beat their fears may help diminish phobias

Watching another person interact safely with a supposedly harmful object could help reduce one`s fears, and prevent them from resurfacing later on, a new study has revealed.

Love hormone triggers anxiety and fear

Oxytocin appears to be the reason stressful social situations, perhaps being bullied at school or tormented by a boss, reverberate long past the event and can trigger fear and anxiety in the future.

Emotions can affect sound perception

Scientists have established the mechanism that reveals how emotions are linked with the way humans hear and process sound, says a study.

Paris Hilton fears for her life

Socialite Paris Hilton says she does not trust anyone because of the past traumatic events in her life.

Ray Winstone reveals fear of family being stricken by cancer

Ray Winstone has revealed that his biggest weakness is his fear that he and his family will be stricken with Cancer.

Pakistan`s minority Hazaras living in fear

When a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle rigged with 300-kg of explosives in a Hazara Shia neighbourhood in this southwestern Pakistani city in January, Sher Mohammed, his friends spent the next few hours collecting body parts.

MJ chose UK amid fears of being shot on stage in US

Michael Jackson had reportedly anticipated his own death by getting shot on stage, several weeks before the fatal drug overdose and even said his final goodbyes to friends and family, a confidante has revealed.

Women should be fearless, says Nicki Minaj

Singer Nicki Minaj believes women should learn to stand up for themselves more and not let their insecurities take control, as otherwise they will never succeed in life.

Scientologists played sinister musical chairs to decide chief

A new book has claimed that Scientologists were forced to play a sinister game of musical chairs to decide who should be in the cult`s inner circle.

Overcoming fear most difficult for teens: study

Overcoming fear is even more difficult for adolescents than it is for children as teenagers` reactions to threat remain for sometime even when the danger is over

Brain altering drug calms fears also

Researchers have found a way to calm fears with a drug that alters brain chemistry and help in understanding people at risk of anxiety disorders, including those suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Spielberg is driven by fear

Steven Spielberg has revealed that he is motivated when he deals with projects that scare him.

Steven Spielberg is driven by fear

Director Steven Spielberg says he is motivated to tackle projects that scare him.

Sharad Yadav fears Lokpal members becoming corrupt

JD(U) chief Sharad Yadav on Saturday expressed his apprehensions that people running the proposed Lokpal could end up serving their own interest.