Dehradun woman duped of Rs 1.30 cr by her Facebook friend

As they always say, choose your friends wisely. And when it comes to friendships on social networks, you ought to be extra vigilant else you can land in trouble. A glaring case of this has recently come into light.

81% don`t want to be Facebook friends with boss

At least 81 per cent people believe that there is one person you should never be friends with on Facebook - your boss - according to a new survey.

Facebook friends can reveal ‘how successful you are’!

The number of friends you have on social networking sites like Facebook, can reveal how successful you are, and even how often you move, researchers have said.

Number of Facebook friends may tell if you are `narcissist`

Facebook friends list could determine the degree to which you are a `socially disruptive` narcissist.

Distant friends tend to cast more influence on Facebook

Facebook users are most influenced by online friends they are less close to in real life, a new study has found.

`Your private details on Facebook are at risk`

Do you really know all your Facebook "friends"? Beware, if your answer is `No`, as researchers say you could be putting your private details at risk every time you say `Yes` to an unknown friend request.