Now, new hack 'Pager' that turns your Facebook page into full-fledged website
Now, new hack 'Pager' that turns your Facebook page into full-fledged website

Now, a new hack will help small business owners convert their Facebook page into a traditional website within minutes.

Misuse of social media with photos of children comes to light

Police are probing a case of misuse of social media after a complaint was registered with them against a Facebook page which had photographs of children with "vulgar and sexually explicit" comments on it, a Cyber Cell official said today.

Here's how Facebook can help you make your man propose to you!
Here's how Facebook can help you make your man propose to you!

Urging women to fake a pregnancy to gain a man, a Melbourne Facebook page is reportedly selling positive pregnancy tests for 20 dollars.

Delhi Police launches dedicated Facebook page for Christians

Delhi Police has launched a Facebook page to address grievances of Christian institutions and individuals in the wake of a series of attacks on Christian institutions in the city.

Shraddha Kapoor launches her Facebook page!
Shraddha Kapoor launches her Facebook page!

Bollywood beauty Shraddha Kapoor might have slowly made it to the most sought after list of actresses in the country, but she is keen enough to do it on the right time. After garnering super attention in her last release 'Haider', the girl-next-door has decided to take the social media platform by storm.

Cheer India to Mars and win collectibles: ISRO
Cheer India to Mars and win collectibles: ISRO

Cheer India to Mars on Indian space agency's Facebook page and win exclusive collectibles, said ISRO Saturday.

Meet the world`s first girl to beat brain cancer

Claudia Burkill has become the world`s first person to beat a rare brain tumour.

Amitabh Bachchan`s Facebook page crosses 10 million `likes`

Amitabh Bachchan`s official page on Facebook has garnered 10 million likes.

Iranians troll Messi, Brazilian model on Facebook

The 2014 World Cup draw that grouped Iran with heavyweights Argentina has provoked thousands of Iranians to trash the Facebook page of Argentine superstar Lionel Messi.

Photo of slain Taliban chief posted on jihadi websites

A photograph purportedly released on Monday by the Pakistani Taliban shows its slain chief Hakimullah Mehsud after he was killed in a US drone strike in North Waziristan region.

Pakistani Taliban creates Facebook page to recruit

The banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan have created a Facebook page to recruit persons to write for a planned quarterly magazine and to work on tasks like video editing and translation.

Now, couples get their own `Facebook page`

Social networking giant Facebook has launched a new feature named ` couples pages` that allows people to chronicle their relationship on the site.

Facebook `likes` add automatically without user-clicks

Facebook `likes` are being added to webpages irrespective of whether users have clicked a like button or not, or even visited the social networking site, the company has acknowledged.

Anger over Casey Anthony verdict pours out online

For nearly two months, the murder trial of Casey Anthony was a living entity.

DU launches Facebook page for students

With its helplines and
open-days flooded with pre-admission queries, Delhi University
on Monday launched its Facebook page for students.

Mark Zuckerberg’s new pooch has its own Facebook page!

Mark Zuckerberg, who just got a new puppy, has given the dog its own Facebook account.

Egypt`s military council opens Facebook page

Egypt`s Supreme Council of the armed forces has opened a FB page to promote its image.

Facebook page praising British killer removed after row

Raoul Moat killed himself on Saturday following one of UK`s biggest manhunts.

US cartoonist disavows `Draw Mohammed` Facebook page

Norris had satirically proposed May 20 as an ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’.