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Facebook to suggest status update topics!

Looks like Facebook wants the users to keep updating their status very frequently. And if you are at a loss of ideas about your next update, worry not. Facebook would suggest the topic.

What your Facebook updates say about you!

What your Facebook updates say about you!

Can your Facebook updates reveal your personality? Well, a recent research says yes!

Most annoying habits for Brits revealed

A new survey has revealed that updating status on Facebook and posting `selfies` are the most annoying habits in Britain.

`People updating Facebook status frequently claimed to be narcissists`

According to a new University of Michigan study exploring how social media reflect and amplify the culture`s growing levels of narcissism, Facebook is a mirror and Twitter is a megaphone.

Updating FB status may make you feel less lonely

Frequently updating your Facebook status can help you feel less lonely, according to a new study.

Updating Facebook status may make you feel less lonely

College students who posted more status updates on the social networking site than they normally did felt less lonely over the course of a week, even if no one "Liked" or commented on their posts, researchers found.

Now, update your Facebook profile to let people know you are ‘expecting’

Previously, parents had to create a new profile to inform that they are expecting a child, but now with new changes, Facebook users can share the momentous news on their profile - complete with due date and chosen name.