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Beauty is not about fairness: Nawazuddin

Beauty is not about fairness: Nawazuddin

Nawazuddin Siddiqui joins the list of celebrities saying no to fairness cream ads

All India Badtameez: Looking for a fair bride?

In Matrimonial ads or television , we see how much we are obsessed with fair skin.Everyone wants a 'fair 'bride.India's unfair obsession.
Stand up for change.See if people react when one lady humiliates other for dark complexion.

How brain responds to fairness, inequality

A new study has provided a deeper insight into the how does people's brain responds to the questions regarding to fairness, inequality, work and money.

Babies prefer fairness in choosing a playmate but only if it benefits them

A research team designed a new experiment to test how race and fairness - a social tendency that infants appear to notice - influence babies` selection of a playmate.

Fashion world not prejudiced towards fair skin: Lisa Haydon

The small screen is full of ads of fairness creams but tall, dusky and gorgeous model Lisa Haydon says the Indian fashion industry is "open minded" about dusky beauties.

Babies as young as 15 months have a sense of fairness, altruism

A sense of fairness and altruism is present in babies as young as 15 months; they can tell when a food item is being distributed equally or not.