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UK spied on Argentina over Falklands from 2006 to 2011: Media

Britain spied on Argentine military and political leaders to ensure the security of the Falkland Islands from 2006 to 2011, according to a local television channel, citing intelligence documents provided by U.S. whistle blower Edward Snowden.

Falkland lawmakers say they have ‘no desire to be governed by Argentina`

Falkland Islands lawmakers have said they will not back down in the face of Argentina’s efforts to claim the South Atlantic territory.

Cameron hails Falklands `clear result` to stay British

Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday called on Argentina to take "careful note" of the wishes of the people of Falkland Islands, hours after islanders voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to remain British.

China backs Argentina`s claim over Falklands

China on Monday backed Argentina`s claim over the disputed Falkland islands, rejecting the validity of the referendum being held in the British-ruled territory.

Falkland govt sets date for referendum on sovereignty

Falklands government has set a date for a referendum on the future sovereignty of the islands.

Prince William’s Falkland deployment to keep him away from Kate

Prince William will be away from Kate for six weeks, as part of a service deployment.