Budget 2018 implies enough had been done for corporate India

There were sufficient hints in recent months and so nobody can claim surprise over the Union Budget 2018-19 offerings. The Gujarat Assembly election result had demonstrated that rural voters were upset with the Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP had fared less well than it had expected in village local body elections in some states. 

Feb 01, 2018, 19:40 PM IST

Arun Jaitley talked of a 'paradigm shift' in India's agriculture. Can Union Budget 2018 make it happen?

Though Jaitley made his government's goal clear, there was little clarity on how to get there.

Feb 01, 2018, 19:25 PM IST

Chicken prices up 30% as heatwave kills 2.4 cr birds in India

Chicken prices have jumped by up to 30 per cent as the ongoing heat wave killed about 2.4 crore birds in last fortnight and rates may further move upwards if temperature continues to remain high, poultry farm owners and industry have said.

Jun 01, 2015, 22:51 PM IST

Farm households' average debt at Rs 47,000: Govt

More than half the households engaged in farming are in debt with an average loan burden of Rs 47,000, Parliament was informed on Friday.

May 08, 2015, 17:19 PM IST

How about living in giant skyscraper with beach, forest and farm inside?

A team of ambitious designers has proposed a mile-high, self-contained city in the heart of New York, with a beach, forest and farm inside.

Apr 04, 2015, 20:13 PM IST

Hawaii to get massive floating fish farms

A US firm has started work on huge floating cages that will hold 1,000 tonnes of fish in the deep sea off Hawaii`s coast.

Aug 10, 2014, 15:20 PM IST

Here, seawater is used to grow vegetables!

At the Spencer Gulf, near Port Augusta in South Australia, Sundrop Farms is turning sunlight and seawater into fresh water and food inside greenhouses.

Feb 18, 2014, 15:50 PM IST

International Space Station `farm` bears fruit

Astronauts are growing vegetables in an experimental greenhouse named Lada aboard the International Space Station (ISS) that are safe to eat.

Feb 02, 2014, 17:29 PM IST

Filthy, disabled children found at grim Australian incest farm

A dozen filthy, neglected children, some with deformities or disabilities due to generations of inbreeding, have been found on a rural Australian settlement in an incest case that has shocked the nation.

Dec 12, 2013, 17:29 PM IST

Former Zimbabwe white ruler`s farm seized

The manager of a ranch owned by Zimbabwe`s last white ruler says he has been ordered by President Robert Mugabe`s loyalists to quit the property.

Dec 10, 2012, 22:39 PM IST

Technology exchange needed to enhance farm production: Experts

Addressing a seminar here, International Food Policy Research Institute official Suresh Babu said the organisation in partnership with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has developed a portal to provide information about latest farm methodology.

Jun 11, 2012, 17:13 PM IST

Bihar to put pressure on banks for giving farm loan: Modi

Bihar Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi, who holds the additional charge of Finance, said the state government would exert pressure on the banks for according priority for sanctioning and disbursing loans to farmers and entrepreneurs.

May 17, 2011, 19:21 PM IST

Children living on farms less prone to asthma

Study has confirmed that children living on farms are less likely to develop asthma than others.

Feb 24, 2011, 17:51 PM IST

Children living on farms less prone to asthma

Study has confirmed that children living on farms are less likely to develop asthma than others.

Feb 24, 2011, 00:00 AM IST

Govt turns down HP, others request for opium farming

The government has turned down a
request from Himachal Pradesh and others to allow cultivation
of opium on the ground that it was not feasible, the Lok Sabha
was informed today.

Aug 21, 2010, 00:55 AM IST

India needs sharp increase in farm spending: PM

PM Manmohan Singh said the country needs to sharply increase public spending on agriculture.

Dec 11, 2009, 00:13 AM IST

Farm output shortfall to hit GDP: FICCI

India`s economy is expected to
grow between 5.2-5.8 percent in 2009-10, much lower than last
year as the agriculture output is estimated to decline
significantly because of drought.

Oct 04, 2009, 13:06 PM IST

Farm sector growth to shrink this year, says Pawar

Admitting that farm growth will shrink this fiscal due to poor monsoon, Food and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar today said there would not be loan recovery by banks from farmers in the drought-hit districts.

Aug 26, 2009, 22:14 PM IST