Marital woes can make you fat

If you have a history of depression, picking up fights with your better half could increase the risk of obesity by altering how the body processes high-fat foods, says a new research.

How to avoid weight gain this festive season
How to avoid weight gain this festive season

Worried about weight gain during festive season? Here are some healthy tips to bail you out.

Shed extra weight off your waist with 'adenosine'

A new way to shed extra body weight has been found out by scientists.

How friends can make you 'fat'

Friends can actually make you fat by insisting to share a chocolate cake they know you love so much, and you know that you shouldn't have but can't really say no to.

Charging phone in bedroom can make you fat

A new study has revealed that charging your phone in your bedroom could make you put on weight, as the artificial light from phone screens, street lights, laptops or television stops the body generating a hormone that combats obesity.

Gut bacteria may contribute to obesity

A new animal study has revealed that a species of gut bacteria called Clostridium ramosum, coupled with a high-fat diet may be contributing to obesity.

Fat people fail to recognise abnormal weight

If you are fat, chances are that you would underestimate the size of your kids and vice versa, says a study.

Channing Tatum gets fat when not working
Channing Tatum gets fat when not working

Actor Channing Tatum admits he gets 'fat and happy' when he is not making movies.

Even small weight gains in healthy adults may spike blood pressure levels

A new research has revealed that blood pressure may increase with small weight gains in healthy adults.

I would rather be fat than shallow: Lady Gaga
I would rather be fat than shallow: Lady Gaga


London: Lady Gaga has lashed out at critics for criticising her figure after photographs of her in a flesh-coloured swimsuit attracted some negative comments on Instagram.

Race, ethnicity linked with heart disease risk

A man's likelihood of accumulating fat around his heart might be better determined if doctors were to consider his race and ethnicity as well as where on his body the excess fat is deposited, new research shows.

People get addicted to eating, not sugar, fat

A new study has revealed people can become addicted to eating for its own sake but not to consuming specific foods such as those high in sugar or fat .

Junk food reduces appetite for balanced diet

A new study has found that junk food not only makes you fat, it also reduces your appetite for novel foods, which normally drives people to seek a balanced diet.

I will never gain weight for a movie role: Zoe Saldana

Actress Zoe Saldana will never indulge herself to go on dieting just for the sake of a film. The 36-year-old `Avatar` star appreciated actors like Christian Bale and Jared Leto who can change their bodies to suit a role and get back into shape, reportedly.

Get fit whilst you shop

It was the fictional character Carrie Bradshaw who so honestly admitted that shopping is in fact her cardio workout and that’s why she couldn’t make the switch to online shopping -- so why not get yourself a workout in while you buy the essentials?

How to succeed in losing weight

Starting a diet plan is half the battle, but then one needs to stick to it and keep on going. From making the exercise enjoyable to avoid weighing yourself everyday, there are a few steps that one can try for successful weight loss.

Australia morgue refuses bodies as `too fat`

An Australian funeral director had to store the body of a 200-kilogramme (441-pound) man in her car overnight after a morgue refused it for being too big, reports said Thursday.

Fatty liver disease prevented in mice

Researchers have discovered a way to prevent nonalcoholic fatty liver disease - the most common cause of chronic liver disease worldwide - in mice.

Chrissy Teigen `doesn`t care about critics who call her fat`

Chrissy Teigen recently reverted back to the critics who called her fat saying that she "f***ing did not care what they thought".

Not worried about becoming a fat slob: Ed Sheeran

Singer Ed Sheeran isn`t worried about becoming a "fat slob" because he thinks his records aren`t sold on his looks.