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Smoking is definitely a male thing!

Smoking is definitely a male thing!

Although men and women are equally influenced by tobacco, males tend to smoke more than females, finds new research that investigated gender differences in tobacco use among hunter-gathering egalitarian tribes.

All India Badtameez: Why all restrictions for daughters only?

 Most parents put a lot of restrictions on daughters often thinking the city is no longer safe for them.

This is why we don't have female 'Minions'

This is why we don't have female 'Minions'

Wondering why there are no female Minions yet? Minions creator Pierre Coffin has revealed the reason saying that he couldn't picture females being "dumb" enough to be a Minion.

Mary Kom to feature as female superhero in animated TV series

Mary Kom to feature as female superhero in animated TV series

 Olympic-winning boxer Mary Kom will be seen in an animated avatar on India's first girl superhero series, titled "Mary Kom Jr".

Obesity affects males more than females

 Obesity may be tougher on male immune systems than females, suggests a study led by an Indian-American researcher.

Old `stereotypes` still keeping female directors out of mainstream pics

A new study commissioned found that the gender gap between directors is at its widest in top-grossing films.

Female 'Thor' comic book beats original male version in sales

Marvel's female Thor comic book is out now, and is already outselling the original male version.

Reasons why womanhood will be extinct soon...

As if womanhood wasn't stabbed unto death after Nirbhaya’s brutal gang-rape and the atrocities meted out to her body beyond imagination that the spine-chilling case of Rohtak gang-rape of a mentally challenged woman came to light.

Marvel Comics gathers 'all-female' Avengers team to fight evil

Marvel Comics gathers 'all-female' Avengers team to fight evil

 Marvel Comics has assembled an all-female team of Avengers, who will begin saving the world from evil in May 2015.

Female sex hormones could protect against blood disorder

Female sex hormones hold promise for treating certain blood disorders in both sexes for which there is currently no cure, a new study says.

How gender biases in media impact female athletes

How gender biases in media impact female athletes

 A new study has revealed that American female athletes still need to face the gender biasness as men still manages to gain all the attention in this sport in US.

Calvin Harris does not like female celebrities

Calvin Harris does not like female celebrities

DJ Calvin Harris, who previously dated singer Rita Ora, says he does not like female celebrities.

Smoking during pregnancy may damage fertility of sons

Smoking during pregnancy can harm the developing foetus and mothers who smoke while they are pregnant or breast feeding may damage the future fertility of their sons.

Female Yahoo executive sued for sexual harassment

A high-level female Yahoo Inc executive has been sued in California by a woman who worked under her and is accusing her former boss of sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

Facebook reveals men hold 8 out of 10 `top positions` in US

Facebook today revealed its diversity report which shows that 77 percent of top positions are held by men.

Having kids contagious among female high school friends: Study

We know that friends and peers influence one another on adopting or shunning behaviours like smoking, drinking or exercise but having children?

Female soldiers join the army ranks in Somalia

With an AK47 automatic rifle slung over her shoulder, Naeemo Abdi frisks people coming into a Mogadishu police station.

High cholesterol levels may impair pregnancy

Not able to go the family way? Go get your cholesterol levels checked as high cholesterol levels may impair fertility in couples trying to achieve pregnancy.

Thousands protest breaches of Iran`s female dress code

Thousands of religious hardliners today protested in Tehran against what they said was the flouting of Iran`s conservative female dress code, media reports said.

No respite on falling sex ratio

India fares second worst among the 30 most populated countries in the world when it comes to the sex ratio.