Eating healthy breakfast helps increase fertility in women

Eating more calories in the morning breakfast can have a positive impact on women with problems of infertility, a new study has revealed.

Cradle of fertility lies in the brain

Researchers have found the final piece in the puzzle of understanding how the brain circuitry vital to normal fertility in humans and other mammals operates.

Eating raspberries can enhance fertility

A new study has claimed that eating raspberries could potentially enhance fertility in both men and women.

Personality traits can affect fertility, study finds

A new study has found a link between men`s and women`s personalities and the likelihood of them having kids.

Meal timing may help improve fertility in women with polycystic ovaries

A researcher has found that meal timing can help women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome manage their glucose and insulin levels to improve overall fertility.

Antioxidants do not help women conceive

A new study has revealed that there is no high quality evidence that antioxidant supplements help increase a woman`s chances of having a baby.

Working in night shift ups miscarriage risk

Women working in irregular shifts are likely to experience reduced fertility and greater menstrual disruption than those working in regular shifts, according to a new research.

Stressed women less attractive to men

Men find women with high levels of stress hormone less attractive, a new study has found.

Lack of sleep may reduce a man`s sperm count

Sleep problems can drastically lower the fertility among young men, a study has warned.

Hormone levels predict sexual desire among young women

Researchers have long suspected a correlation between hormone levels and libido, but now scientists at UC Santa Barbara have actually demonstrated hormonal predictors for sexual desire.

New chemotherapy drug that is gentle on fertility but tough on cancer

A new gentler chemotherapy drug in the form of nanoparticles has been designed by scientists to be less toxic to a young woman`s fertility but extra tough on cancer.

Scientists create human eggs from amniotic sac cells

Fertility scientists have created human eggs using cells from the amniotic sac that surrounds a baby in the womb.

Men with lots of brothers `more fertile`

If you are looking for a man who will give you a big family, first make sure you count how many brothers he has, researchers suggest.

Sperm length, not just the count, determines fertility

Men have a better chance of having kids if they have semen teeming with strong-swimmers, but fertility experts now claim that sperm which had tails of a similar length were better able to travel than those with tails of varying lengths.

Fertile girls look and sound more attractive: Study

Men find women more attractive near ovulation, when they`re most fertile, a new study has found.

Mum’s age at menopause could offer clue to woman’s fertility

A woman’s potential fertility can be predicted from the age her mother went through the menopause, a study has revealed.

How laptop’s heat can frizzle men’s sperm sterile

A couple from Clanfield, Hampshire tried in vain to start a family until the doctors told the husband that the laptop he always placed on his knees was the reason why his wife was not being able to conceive.

Eating cheese may damage chances of becoming father

Young men who eat more than three slices of cheese a day may be risking their chances of becoming fathers, a new study has revealed.

Weight loss only boosts women’s libido, not fertility

Slimming down helps obese women, who want to become mothers, not because it boosts ovulation but simply because it increases their sexual appetite

Weight loss does not improve fertility in women

Penn State College of Medicine researchers have found that losing weight does not lead to improved fertility in women, but does improve sexual function.