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Digestive problems – Follow these tips for smooth digestion

Digestive problems – Follow these tips for smooth digestion

Bad digestion can give rise to a host of problems, including gas or flatulance, stomach bloating, constipation, heartburn, and fatigue.

Pear – The quintessential weight loss food!

Pears are an excellent source of fiber and a good source of vitamin C. One medium pear provides about 24 percent of daily fiber needs for only 100 calories.

Weight loss diet – Five foods that help you burn fat fast!

Diet when combined with physical activity can help you burn fat even more and help you lose those extra kilos in a healthy natural way.

Want to live longer? Add more whole grains to your diet!

As per a new study, consuming nearly four servings of whole grains such as bran, oatmeal and quinoa a day can reduce the risk of premature death.

Simple ways to burn your belly fat fast!

Here are a few tips that will help you lose stomach fat and get that sexy abs.

Top five reasons why you should eat Taro root (Arbi)

Have you ever eaten this delicious food – Taro root, also known as arbi in Hindi? If not, you should start including this nutty vegetable into your diet to enjoy the rich nutrients of this wonderful gift of nature. 

‘Power suit’ may soon be a reality

Scientists have come up with new fiber nanogenerators which may help “power suit” become a reality.