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Japan PM raises North Korea nuclear program with Cuba's Fidel Castro

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the first Japanese leader to visit Communist-ruled Cuba, called for a strong and unified international response to North Korea`s nuclear program in rare talks with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Thursday.

Iran's President meets Castros in Cuba to reaffirm friendship

Iran and Cuba have long been friendly, united partly by their respective stand-offs with the US, although both have seen relations with Washington thaw in recent years.

Fidel Castro thanks Cubans for 90th birthday wishes, lambasts US

Fidel Castro thanked Cubans for their tributes to mark his 90th birthday on Saturday in a meandering column carried by state-run media in which the iconic leftist revolutionary also lambasted old foe United States.

Cubans salsa into Fidel Castro's 90th birthday

Cubans salsa into Fidel Castro's 90th birthday

Cuba has gone into overdrive this month honoring Fidel Castro who led its 1959 revolution and built a Communist-run state on the doorstep of the United States.

Achuthanandan is our Fidel Castro: Sitaram Yechury

Yechury said Achuthanandan, 92, was not given a second stint in view of his age and physical limitations.

Fidel Castro makes first public appearance in nine months

Cuban revolutionary icon Fidel Castro appeared in public Thursday for the first time in nine months, chatting with school children and criticizing Barack Obama`s recent visit.

Fidel Castro blasts Barack Obama's Cuba trip, says doesn't need any 'gifts from the empire'

Fidel Castro laid into Barack Obama after the US president's historic visit to Cuba in a testy letter today, saying the communist island doesn't need any "gifts from the empire."

Cuba's Fidel Castro knocks sweet-talking Obama after ''honey-coated'' visit

Retired leader Fidel Castro accused US President Barack Obama of sweet-talking the Cuban people during his visit to the island last week and ignoring the accomplishments of Communist rule, in an opinion piece carried by all state-run media on Monday.

White House pours cold water on Barack Obama-Fidel Castro meeting

The White House has all but ruled out a meeting between Barack Obama and veteran Cuban leader Fidel Castro during the US president's trip to Cuba.

Obama spars with Cuba's Castro over human rights in historic visit

Obama spars with Cuba's Castro over human rights in historic visit

U.S. President Barack Obama pushed Cuba to improve human rights during his historic visit to the Communist-led island on Monday, publicly sparring with President Raul Castro who showed flashes of anger and hit back at U.S. "double standards".

President Obama arrives in Cuba on historic visit, hopes to usher in change

President Obama arrives in Cuba on historic visit, hopes to usher in change

US President Barack Obama arrived in Cuba on Sunday, demonstrating his foreign policy principle of engaging America's foes and in a hope that the Communist government there will grant more freedom to its people and open new economic pathways for American businesses.

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Raul Castro begins first state visit to Mexico

Cuban President Raul Castro began his first state visit to Mexico Friday, with Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto seeking to boost economic ties as the two nations relaunch once-chilly relations.

Pope praises Church `sacrifices` in Cuba

Pope Francis on Monday praised the sacrifices of the Catholic Church in communist Cuba, with the island in the midst of a delicate process of resuming relations with the United States.

Pope meets Fidel Castro, warns against ideology on Cuba trip

Pope meets Fidel Castro, warns against ideology on Cuba trip

Pope Francis met Cuba`s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro on Sunday, hours after warning Cubans to beware the dangers of ideology and the lure of selfishness as their country enters a new era of closer ties with the United States.

Pope meets Castros after mass on iconic Havana square

 Pope Francis met with Fidel Castro Sunday at the Cuban revolutionary leader`s home in Havana after an outdoor mass attended by hundreds of thousands of people on the city`s iconic Revolution Square.

Pope Francis meeting with Fidel Castro in Cuba `probable`: Vatican

 Pope Francis is likely to meet Fidel Castro during his upcoming trip to Cuba, the Vatican said Tuesday.

In policy shift, Cuba welcomes back doctors who deserted

Cuba has decided to allow doctors who deserted while on foreign missions to return home without punishment or loss of position in the state health care system, the government said Friday.

Cuba goes all in on English, amid closer US ties

Now that Cuba has restored diplomatic ties with the United States, teaching English in schools will be a priority, the communist party newspaper Granma has reported.

John Kerry flies to Cuba for new policy victory lap

John Kerry flies to Cuba for new policy victory lap

Washington's top diplomat is coming to Havana on Friday to raise the Stars and Stripes over the newly opened US Embassy, making a symbolically charged victory lap for the Obama administration's new policy of engagement with Cuba.