Rajasthan: Man survives after being hit by MiG 27, as it crashes in Barmer

Man survives being hit by MiG-27 fighter aircraft crashes in Barmer of Rajasthan.

US, Saudi warplanes target Islamic State jihadists around Syria border
US, Saudi warplanes target Islamic State jihadists around Syria border

US and Saudi warplanes carried out eight air strikes in Syria on Monday, mainly targeting Islamic State jihadists fighting for a key border town, the US military said.

Full Republic Day dress rehearsal at Rajpath

Colourful display of India`s cultural heritage, manoeuvres by fighter aircraft and march past by armed forces on Thursday gave a preview of what is in store for this year`s Republic Day parade.

Chinese plane spotted over disputed islands, Japan protests

In an incident that could further fuel tensions between Beijing and Tokyo, a Chinese airplane entered the Japanese airspace over disputed islands, called Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China.

IAF Jaguar crashes in Sikkim, pilot seriously injured

A Jaguar fighter aircraft of Indian Air Force crashed in a forest near Lik in Upper Dzongu in North Sikkim, with the pilot suffering serious injuries.

China lands jet on aircraft carrier for first time, US not surprised

China`s successful first landing of a fighter jet on its aircraft career does not come as a surprise, the Pentagon said.

Israel grounds fighter jets after midair near-collision

The Israel Air Force grounded all fighter jet squadrons after a midair near-collision last week capped a series of serious accidents over the last year.

IAF to procure 2 second-hand Mirage-2000 aircraft

The Indian Air Force is planning to buy two second-hand Mirage 2000 combat aircraft to make up for the losses suffered by it in crashes earlier this year.

Indonesia to buy missiles from US

Defence relations between Indonesia and the US returned to normal in 2010 when the US military renewed its relations with Kopassus.

IAF to deploy 6 mid-air refuelling aircraft in WB

Panagarh is a World War II airbase developed by the Americans to launch their aircraft into China during that period.

Kamra airbase attack: Pak sounds red alert at its airports

Pakistan`s Civil Aviation Authority has sounded a red alert at all airports across the country following the terrorist attack on Kamra airbase, a senior official said on Friday.

Taliban attack Pakistan Air Force base, 10 killed

Tehrik-e-Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the attack was to avenge the death of Baitullah Mehsud and Osama bin Laden.

US F-16 fighter crashes off Japan

A US F-16 fighter jet that left the Misawa base in northeastern Japan at 9 am for Alaska fell into the Pacific Ocean around 11.30 am.

`Syria downed Turkish jet in international space`

Turkey`s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that the downed jet was not on a spying mission.

Jordan grants asylum to defecting Syrian pilot

The Syrian Defence Ministry termed the airman a ``traitor`` and was in contact with Amman to retrieve the plane.

Syrian fighter pilot defects to Jordan

A Syrian MiG 21 fighter jet landed made an emergency landing at a northern Jordanian airbase.

New China stealth fighter rival to US F-22 Raptor?

F-22 Raptor, the stealth fighter jet introduced by the US Air Force, has been named as the most sophisticated fighter plane on the planet.

US warplanes to hold drills ahead of NATO summit

Temporary flight restriction will be introduced over Chicago during the NATO summit on May 20-21.

F-22s in UAE are US-Israeli plot: Iran lawmaker

Reports say the US has deployed F-22 Raptors at the UAE`s Al Dafra Air Base, which has long hosted American warplanes.

IAF`s frontline Mirage-2000 back in action

IAF`s frontline Mirage-2000 fighter aircraft, which were temporarily grounded following two crashes in February and March, have begun operational sorties following a detailed investigation of their systems and components.