Finland accuses Russia of third airspace breach in a week

Finland accused Russia on Thursday of violating its airspace for the third time in less than a week, saying it would demand an explanation for what the defence minister termed an unacceptable incursion.

Finland sets to wipe out tobacco use by 2040

With its success in arresting smoking, Finland has now issued an action plan to eliminate the use of tobacco products by the end of 2040.

Two jailed in Finland for campus massacre plot

A Finnish court jailed a man and a woman on Friday who met online and plotted a massacre at the country`s largest university.

New Finnish government after prime minister quits

Former European affairs minister Alexander Stubb has taken over as the head of Finland`s conservative-led government after Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen resigned to pursue a position in the European Commission.

Ukraine free to make choices: Russian FM

The Ukrainians should have their own choices without any foreign intervention, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Finnish police find 5 dead babies in basement

Finnish police say they have arrested a 35-year-old woman on suspicion of manslaughter after finding five dead babies in an apartment building.

Europeans voting to choose new parliament

From Portugal to Finland, voters of 21 nations today were deciding the makeup of the next European Parliament, a sprawling exercise in democracy that will help determine the European Union`s future leaders and course.

Tear gas used to disperse protesters in Helsinki

Police used tear gas to calm down hundreds of demonstrators who were against the government`s budget cuts in downtown Helsinki Friday evening, Finnish media said.

Eight killed as skydivers` plane crashes in Finland

A small airplane taking a group of skydivers for an Easter Day jump crashed today in Finland, killing eight people, police said.

Sikh man in Finland wins right to wear turban at work

A Sikh bus driver in Finland has won a year-long legal battle with his employer to wear a turban at work.

Finnish, US companies to destroy Syria chemicals: Watchdog

The global chemical arms watchdog said Friday it has chosen two US and Finnish companies to help destroy Syria`s chemical arsenal as part of an ambitious plan that has suffered a string of setbacks.

UK to help destroy Syria`s chemical weapons

Britain`s Foreign Office says it will help the international mission to destroy Syria`s chemical weapons program.

Finland’s Foreign Ministry hacked from abroad

Finland`s Foreign Ministry says its computer networks have been widely hacked but that no highly sensitive information was lost.

4 students stabbed at vocational school in Finland

Police say that a young man has stabbed four students at a vocational school in northern Finland.

Finland to build rooms for Syrian refugees

Finland has decided to construct more rooms in a bid to accommodate probable Syrian refugees, since the US is continuing with its threat of a limited strike in Syria.

Bollywood directors not keen on shooting in Finland

Bollywood filmmakers are not keen on shooting in Finland because they find it too expensive and Finland has less incentives to offer than other countries, according to Finnish tourism officials.

William, Kate receive unique baby box as gift from Finland

Prince William and his pregnant wife Kate Middleton have received a baby box as a gift from the Finland Government for their royal baby expected to be born this month.

Sikh man in Finland fights for right to wear turban at work

A Sikh bus driver in Finland is fighting for his right to wear a turban while at work.

Finland ranked the best place for being a mother

Finland is considered to be the country where mothers enjoy the best conditions in the world, according to a worldwide report.

India, Finland to explore solar energy application

India and Finland will explore solar energy applications for oil and gas projects as the two nations step up cooperation in several areas.