Russia blasts Finland over visa denial for parliament speaker

 Russia on Wednesday slammed Finland for refusing parliament speaker Sergei Naryshkin a visa, the first time he has been denied entry to the European Union after being put on a blacklist over Ukraine.

Modi congratulates new PM of Finland

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written to his Finnish counterpart Juha Sipila, congratulating him on his election to the top post and expressing desire to working with him to further strengthen the bilateral ties.

PM Modi congratulates Finnish counterpart Juha Sipila on poll victory

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday congratulated Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland Juha Sipila on his electoral victory and said that India and Finland have shared values of democracy and freedom.

Finland suspects Russian military plane violated airspace

Finland said it suspected a Russian military plane crossed into its airspace on Friday, the latest in a string of reported violations in the Nordic region.

Finnish mother gets life sentence for killing five newborns

 A court Finland on Monday sentenced a woman to life imprisonment for killing her five infants.

Finnish mum gets life for killing five newborns

A Finnish court on Monday sentenced a 36-year-old woman to life in prison for killing her five newborns between 2005 and 2013 and hiding them in a freezer.

Finnish media boss fined for firing lesbian chief editor

Finland`s supreme court on Wednesday fined the head of one of the country`s biggest media groups 18,000 euros ($20,320) for firing an editor-in-chief because she was lesbian.

Juha Sipila formally elected as Finland's new PM

The Finnish Parliament formally elected Centre Party chairman Juha Sipila as the new prime minister of Finland on Thursday.

Finland says no answers on possible sub incursion

Finland on Thursday closed an inquiry into a possible submarine incursion in April, saying it was impossible to determine whether a foreign power had violated its waters.

Middle East nuclear weapons ban proposal stumbles at UN

A UN attempt to work out a ban on nuclear weapons in the Middle East was in jeopardy after Egypt complained on Monday about the lack of progress and demanded the resignation of the Finnish coordinator of the initiative.

Finland signs nuclear construction deal with Russian firm

Finnish utility Fennovoima said today it has awarded the main contract for constructing a nuclear plant in Finland to the Russian company Titan-2.

Finland`s eurosceptic party wants part in new govt

Finland`s right-wing eurosceptic Finns Party said Tuesday that it was determined to be part of the new government for the first time, regardless of the make up of the coalition.

Finland`s prime minister-elect says ready to negotiate with all parties

Finland`s prime minister-elect Juha Sipila said Monday he was open for negotiations with all political parties including the right-wing eurosceptic Finns Party which is seeking to enter government for the first time.

Finnish opposition Centre leads election: Partial results

Finland`s opposition Centre Party came out on top in Sunday`s general election, far ahead of the parties in Prime Minister Alexander Stubb`s left-right coalition, partial results showed.

Finns vote, expected to oust government

Finns voted on Sunday in legislative elections expected to oust the coalition left-right government after a campaign that focused on how to lift Finland from a three-year economic slump.

Finland goes to the polls, change of government expected

 Finns began voting on Sunday in legislative elections expected to oust the left-right government after a campaign that has focused heavily on how to lift Finland out of a three-year economic slump.

Finland votes amid troubled economic waters

The Nordic republic of Finland goes to the polls on Sunday in legislative elections amid growing discontent over a floundering economy undergoing a painful restructuring.

Russia goes back to USSR but still fails to win

Russia`s national ice hockey team went back to the USSR by donning the famous jersey of the legendary Soviet squad but failed to recapture past glories as they slumped to defeat against Finland.

Resurgent Russia worries Finns, but NATO not an option

 After 25 years of tranquil post Cold War relations, Finns are once again worried about the threat posed by their resurgent eastern neighbour Russia, though they remain firmly opposed to joining NATO.

More than a third of Finns to vote early in election

Advance polling stations opened Wednesday in Finland ahead of next week`s general election dominated by the economy, with more than a third of Finns expected to vote early.