Toll climbs to 3 in Tamil Nadu fireworks unit explosion

The death toll in the accident at a fireworks manufacturing unit near here has risen to three with a 19-year-old boy on Thursday succumbing to his injuries at the local government hospital, police said.

2 killed, 1 injured in TN fireworks unit explosion

Two employees were killed and one injured when semi-finished crackers exploded at a fireworks manufacturing unit near here today, police said.

Fireworks manufacturing units resume works

Fireworks manufacturing units in this district resumed production after about a week today following an invitation from the Centre for talks on various issues affecting them.

Vaiko meets protesting fireworks owners

MDMK Chief Vaiko, who is contesting the April 24 Lok Sabha polls from Virudhunagar, on Tuesday met the owners of fireworks units who were on relay fast and indefinite strike.

Katy Perry regrets asking for big boobs from God

Katy Perry has confessed that she regrets praying for big breasts from God because she had no clue that they would fall into her armpits eventually.

Fireworks injure hundreds in Libya religious feast

Nearly 650 people were wounded during the night by exploding fireworks in the Libyan capital, where Muslims were celebrating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed.

Happy New Year! World ushers in 2014 with fireworks, festivities

From Sydney to London to San Francisco, revelers welcomed 2014 with extravagant fireworks displays, giant street parties and, in a new departure, fruit-flavored mist.

Asia-Pacific cities first to usher in New Year

In Sydney, the fireworks will be launched from four sails of Sydney Opera House for the first time in more than a decade.

Andhra Pradesh cabinet meeting concludes without acrimony

A meeting of the Andhra Pradesh council of ministers which was held here on Friday after a gap of two months, ended without any fireworks, contrary to expectations.

Fireworks mishap in California leaves 28 injured

A malfunction at a fireworks display in California to celebrate American independence day sent exploding shells showering into a crowd of several thousand, injuring 28 people, police said.

Bruno Mars wants circus wedding

Bruno Mars is planning to have a weird wedding that will include fireworks and circus routines.

World welcomes New Year 2013 with fireworks, festivities

Celebrations were held for the first time in Myanmar after a long span of five decades under military rule that banned big public gatherings.

Nigeria warehouse said to hold fireworks explodes

An explosion ripped through a warehouse on Wednesday, where witnesses say fireworks were stored in Nigeria`s largest city, sparking a fire.

Seven killed in China fireworks blast

At least seven people have been killed and six injured in China`s Jiangxi province following an explosion and fire at a fireworks shop, Xinhua reported Saturday.

Fireworks expected at next JPC meet

Fireworks are expected in the next JPC meet on 2G issue scheduled with the demand for calling P Chidambaram as a witness becoming a sticky issue.

Fireworks marked growth of galaxies in early universe

Growth of galaxies in the early universe was often accompanied by fireworks in the form of energy bursts caused by the massive central black hole accretion, astronomers said.

1 killed, 2 injured in TN fireworks godown mishap

A woman was killed and two others were injured in an explosion at a fireworks godown.

Two killed in explosion in fireworks unit

Two workers were killed
while one suffered serious burns in an explosion at a fireworks unit near Sattur.

Fireworks show in Gulmarg on new year

Authorities in Kashmir`s Gulmarg
Skiing resort have organised a fireworks show to entertain
tourists, who are arriving in thousands, as part of the New
Year celebrations.

Fireworks, parades: US celebrates 4th July

Americans marked the 235th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.