Know why women refrain from exercising
Know why women refrain from exercising

A few women are scared of squats because they are said to be bad for knees. This and more are misconceptions that women have regarding exercises, says an expert.

Preity Zinta doles out health tips
Preity Zinta doles out health tips

At 39, Preity Zinta is fit and glowing. She says it's easy to be healthy as long as one checks portions of food, drinks water and controls carbohydrate intake.

I don't endorse six-pack or eight pack abs: Akshay Kumar
I don't endorse six-pack or eight pack abs: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar, who is counted amongst the fittest and most agile actors in the Hindi film industry, says he does not favour six-pack or eight-pack abs and that he believes in a "natural way of maintaining a good body".

Kate Hudson's fitness secrets
Kate Hudson's fitness secrets

 If you desire to have an incredibly toned physique a la Kate Hudson, you've got to work your “a** off”, says the actress.

How to stay toned amidst celebrations

Celebrations call for never-ending sweets and if you want to watch your weight, it becomes difficult. Eat small portions and stay hydrated to avoid weight gain.

Water exercise leads to fitter frame: Expert

Working out and staying fit is a lifestyle many people desire, but many of them just find the environment of the gym intimidating and boring.

Popular diets followed by celebrities

Instead of envying celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus for their perfect figures, check your diet as the weight loss trick lies in what you eat.

Celeb-loved fitness fads here to stay

Fitness fads come and go, but some of them, including flywheel and trampoline workouts, are here to stay.

Victoria`s Secret models reveal their work out secrets

Famous Victoria`s Secret models, including Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne, have shed light on their fitness secrets.

How Karisma Kapoor stays fit

Karisma Kapoor has revealed how she has kept herself fit even after giving birth to two children.

Karisma Kapoor’s fitness secrets

Karisma Kapoor has revealed how she has kept herself fit even after giving birth to two children.

Hot Body Secrets : Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese has revealed the secrets behind her gorgeous body and how she prepares for her shows.

Eat right, stay fit in autumn

Beware of hogging on your favourite delights despite the temptation to do so before the winter sets in.

Huma Qureshi enjoys yoga

Huma Qureshi used to find it tough to follow a yoga routine, but now she has started enjoying her daily yoga sessions.

What is Ryan Seacrest fitness inspiration?

Ryan Seacrest keeps a pair of large size jeans in his closet to inspire him to stay in shape.

Quick tips for working women-- beauty, fitness and style

Here`s taking a look at quick beauty, fitness and style tips for working women.

Beyonce`s motto - stay fit, healthy

Beyonce Knowles` fitness trainer Marco Borges says the pop star is "driven" and works incredibly hard to maintain her physique.

For perfect body, eat right, don`t starve: Piaa Bajpai

The secret to have a "muscle-toned body" is not dieting, but healthy eating habits and constant workout, says southern actress Piaa Bajpai.

Cheryl Burke gives fitness tips

‘Dancing with the Stars’ winner has fitness tips for those who want to stay in shape during the holiday season.

Jackman taking fitness tips from Johnson

Jackman has been taking tips from former wrestler Dwayne Johnson.