Fake Flappy Bird versions running malware on Android

Soon after the original Flappy Bird was taken down by its creator, a host of fake apps mushroomed in third-party Android app marketplaces reportedly directing malware to unsuspecting users.

Pebble smartwatch offers Flappy Bird clone Tiny Bird

Depressed Flappy Bird lovers can now have their chance for better days with Pebble smartwatch offering a clone of the highly addictive game.

Flappy Bird developer reveals he pulled off game for being `addictive`

The Vietnamese developer who created Flappy Bird has finally come out with an explanation for suddenly taking the game down from mobile app stores, citing it was `addictive`.

iPhone 5 with Flappy Bird appears briefly on sale for $94,000 on eBay

An Apple iPhone 5, loaded with highly-addictive game Flappy Bird, reportedly appeared for sale on online auction site, eBay, for a whopping 94,000 dollars.

Hackers release `spam Flappy Bird` to trick users into sending premium messages

The original Flappy Bird has been officially taken off the mobile app stores, but hackers have reportedly released knock-offs of the `addictive` game, containing spam, to trick users into sending premium rate text messages.

Flappy Doge gives you Flappy Bird-like gaming experience

Since, the original Flappy Bird is out of the App Store and Play Store, users reportedly have an option of playing the addictive game with a little help from doge, instead of threatening of murdering the poor developer who couldn`t take fame.

Flappy Bird lovers threaten to kill developer after game taken off app stores

Die-hard fans of mobile game, Flappy Birds, have reportedly threatened to kill its developer after he took down the game from Apple and Google app stores.

`Flappy Bird` creator makes eye-popping $50K every day

A simple mobile tap game, Flappy Bird, is reportedly making its creator make an eye-popping 50,000 dollars every day.