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Flappy Bird may make 'updated' return in August

The creator of mobile gaming phenomenon Flappy Bird has revealed that the game will be making a return, potentially this August, in an updated version in which players will be able to compete with others in real time.

New Candy Crush-like '2048' game becomes latest addiction

A new game, which is like Candy Crush for math geeks is reportedly the latest addictive gaming sensation after the controversial Flappy Bird was taken off from app stores by its developer.

Flappy Bird to come back on App Stores

Dong Nguyen, who created the frustratingly addictive game, last month pulled it out of app stores when he realized that gamers were totally hooked onto the game.

New Angry Birds game to make you forget Flappy Bird

Rovio has reportedly come up with a new Angry Birds version that would ease some pain of distressed Flappy Bird lovers.

Fake Flappy Bird versions running malware on Android

Soon after the original Flappy Bird was taken down by its creator, a host of fake apps mushroomed in third-party Android app marketplaces reportedly directing malware to unsuspecting users.

iPhone 5 with Flappy Bird appears briefly on sale for $94,000 on eBay

An Apple iPhone 5, loaded with highly-addictive game Flappy Bird, reportedly appeared for sale on online auction site, eBay, for a whopping 94,000 dollars.

Flappy Bird gaming app to be taken down

Users, who have already downloaded the game will be able to play it on their device.