Indigenous Bolivians flash new wealth with colorful mansions

Splashed in bright colors, sporting swank ballrooms and lavish apartments, new mansions are popping up in poor neighborhoods in the Bolivian highlands, built by the booming nouveau riche of the indigenous Aymara.

Alex Kingston returning to 'Arrow' for Christmas episode

'Arrow' and 'The Flash' have announced a series of holiday-themed episodes.

Grant Gustin to play the Flash in TV series

Grant Gustin, best known for his villainous role in musical TV show `Glee`, has landed the key role of The Flash/Barry Allen in the second season of `Arrow`.

Iconic DC Comics character Flash to return to TV

Iconic DC Comics character The Flash is set to return in the upcoming season of `Arrow` on the CW, it has been revealed.

Sofia Vergara accidentally flashes breast at New Year’s Eve party scuffle

One of Sofia Vergara’s breasts popped out of her sexy strapless number as she fell to the ground at a New Year’s Eve party.

Adobe kills Flash on mobile devices

Adobe will not launch any new version of Flash for mobile browsers and will replace it with new HTML5.

Eva Longoria ‘pops out of her plunging jacket’ during cookbook promo

Eva Longoria appeared on David Letterman’s ‘Late Show’ to promote her new cookbook, but she ended up revealing a lot more.

Flash an LED smile to scare somebody

Flash that LED-tinged smile to light up a room or to scare somebody.

Flash preferred over poker on Diwali

“Flash” is the favourite card game for Indian people on Diwali.

Flash flooding strands motorists in Oklahoma City

Flash flooding across the Oklahoma City area stranded motorists on their morning commutes Monday, prompting at least a half-dozen rescues and at least three interstate closures, authorities said.