Pandas more resilient, flexible than thought
Pandas more resilient, flexible than thought

Pandas are not quite as delicate, and picky about their habitat, as previously thought, finds a research on the difficult-to-study endangered animal.

New device to power flexible electronics developed

Scientists have developed a new device that is far thinner than paper, can flex and bend, and store enough energy to provide critical back-up power for portable and flexible electronics.

Swiss scientists developing `flexible`, `eye-catching` electronics

Researchers at ETH University in Zurich are reportedly working on electronic components that are thinner and more flexible that paves way for new possibilities for ultra-thin, transparent sensors that are literally easy on the eye.

Flexible on inclusion of PM under Lokpal: Agnivesh

Swami Agnivesh on Wednesday said they are "very very flexible" on
issues like inclusion of prime minister or higher judiciary
under ambit of the ombudsman but the sticking point is
bringing lower bureaucracy in it.

The downside of flexible work hours

People who have flexible work hours are reporting more blurring of the boundaries between home and work.

New molecule could pave way for flexible organic electronics

A team of chemists from the UNH, US, has made the first-ever stable derivative of nonacene, creating a compound that holds promise in the manufacture of flexible organic electronics such as large displays and solar cells.