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Florence Welch is electric: Taylor Swift

Florence Welch is electric: Taylor Swift

‘Love story’ hitmaker Taylor Swift says her close friend Florence Welch has a "magnetic" personality.

Florence Welch set for ‘Star Wars` role?

Singer Florence Welsh will reportedly play the lead role in the new installment of the ‘Star Wars’ trilogy.

Florence Welch buys first home

Florence Welch has moved into a new home after spending months sleeping on the floor at her mother`s house in between tours.

Florence Welch launches jewellery line

Singer Florence Welch has launched her first jewellery line, titled `Flotique`.

Florence Welch takes beauty tips from grandfather

Florence Welch takes beauty tips from her "stylish" grandfather and is always happy to try any product he recommends.

Blake Lively obsessed with Florence Welch`s fashion sense

Blake Lively says singer Florence Welch is her ultimate style icon because of the fashion choices the latter makes.

Singer Florence Welch to take year off

Singer Florence Welch is planning to take a year off from showbiz.

Florence Welch has a `girl crush` on Mia

Singer Florence Welch, who is dating event organiser James Nesbitt, says she has a `girl crush` on rapper Mia.

Florence Welch finds it hard to connect with someone

Florence Welch insists that she finds it difficult to have a “meaningful connection” with someone when she’s not on stage.

Florence Welch longed for simple life as a child

Florence Welch has revealed that she craved for a more simple life during her childhood.