Scientists create cheaper, high performing LED

Researchers at Florida State University have developed a new type of light-emitting diode, or LED that could lead to cheaper, brighter and mass produced lights and displays in the future.

Three injured in Florida State University campus shooting, gunman killed

Three injured in Florida State University campus shooting, gunman killed

In another frightening incident, three people were shot at the Florida State University campus in Tallahassee by a gunman, who was later killed by police.

Swede Blixt happy to fly under Ryder Cup radar

Swede Jonas Blixt has won twice on the highly competitive U.S. PGA Tour in the last two years but is happy to be flying under the radar as a potential member of Europe`s Ryder Cup team in September.

Facebook `Likes` linked to eating disorders: Study

Facebook shares and likes are reportedly linked to eating disorders, a new study has revealed.

Meteorite found in the Sahara sheds light on Martian crust

A meteorite found in the Sahara last year by Bedouin tribesmen is a rock from Mars, revealing that the Red Planet`s crust formed 4.4 billion years ago, scientists reported on Wednesday.

Why people find it easier to lose 2-4 pounds rather than 3 pounds?

Consumers are more likely to pursue a goal when they set a high-low range goal instead of a single number goal, a new study has revealed.

Study offers news clues on origins of life

A structural biologist at the Florida State University College of Medicine has made discoveries that could lead scientists a step closer to understanding how life first emerged on Earth billions of years ago.

Einstein`s brain average sized but `exceptionally complicated`

Physicist Albert Einstein`s brain, though of average size, contained an unusually high number of folds which may have provided the genius with the ability to think in "extraordinary ways", scientists claim.

Scientists decode why Einstein was a genius

Physicist Albert Einstein`s brain had an "extraordinary" prefrontal cortex - unlike those of most people - which may have contributed to his remarkable genius, a new study has claimed.

Info about 65m-yr-old dinosaur teeth uncovered

In a new study, researchers from two disparate fields have discovered the teeth of 65-million-year-old dinosaurs.