Bumblebees are forgetful too

Much like humans, bumblebees can be 'forgetful' too, reveals a new research.

Masaba's collection creates fireworks at WIFW
Masaba's collection creates fireworks at WIFW

With "patakha" as the muse, designer Masaba Gupta presented her new collection at the ongoing Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) spring-summer 2015 here.

Lamar Odom sends Khloe Kardashian flowers to get her back?
Lamar Odom sends Khloe Kardashian flowers to get her back?


Los Angeles: Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian's estranged husband Lamar Odom reportedly sends her flowers on a regular basis to win her back.

Bees select best flowers even before landing

For rearing their young, bees need to be able to select flowers providing the most nutritious pollen and they know it even before landing on the flower simply by looking at the colour of the petals, says a study.

Noah Wyle sends flowers to stranger

Actor Noah Wyle sent flowers to a stranger who found his driver`s licence on the street in New York City and tracked him down to send it back to him.

Secret to slow ageing found... for flowers

Your bouquets could now remain fresh for much longer as researchers have found a technique that could slow down ageing of flowers by up to half, a finding that could lead to unravelling secrets on how to prevent cell decay in other organisms.

Diesel exhaust affects honeybees` ability to forage for flowers

Exposure to common air pollutants that are found in diesel exhaust is capable of affecting the ability of honeybees to recognise floral odours, a new research has showed.

Entice woos women with flower-inspired jewellery

Women love flowers and jewellery. What if there is a two-in-one offer? Entice, a jewellery brand by KGK group, has come up with an exquisite collection of intricate ornaments inspired from six rare flowers to woo fashionistas.

Flowers turning red to entice birds as pollinators: Study

Certain native flowers are turning red to entice birds as pollinators, shifting away from insects that did the job earlier, says a new research.

Flowers still best way to a woman’s heart

A bouquet of flowers can indeed have a powerful impact on romance, scientists have found.

Now, a formula to glow flowers!

In what`s said to be the world`s first, scientists claim to have created the secret formula to make flowers and plants fluorescent.

Spanish battle it out with flowers

The Spanish city of Cordoba staged its traditional `Battle of the Flowers`.

Zardari sends flowers to Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke was in critical condition after surgery for a torn aorta.

Flowers make it a wetter, cooler world

Flowering plants make the world a cooler, wetter place, says research.

Colombia donates flowers for Swedish royal wedding

Flower growers and exporters will send over 40,000 flowers to the wedding.

First flowers

A new study is shedding light on the evolution of the first flowers.

It`s official: Gardening makes you feel better

Most people would rather spend time in their gardens than in front of the television or shopping, a poll of around 1,000 Britons has revealed.

Love blossoms: Sarkozy, Bruni spend 660 pounds on flowers!

For France`s First Couple, 660 pounds seem to be a meagre amount -- Nicolas Sarkozy and his ladylove Carla Bruni spend the money everyday to buy flowers for each other.