Cold, flu within first six months ups diabetes risk in kids

Newborns, who catch a cold and flu before they reach the six-month mark, are more susceptible to type 1 diabetes in adulthood, according to a recent study.

Common cold may increase diabetes risk in kids

The findings suggest that the first half-year of life is crucial for the development of the immune system and of autoimmune diseases such as Type-1 diabetes (T1D).

Madrid Open: Serena Williams withdraws from Madrid Open with flu

Madrid Open: Serena Williams withdraws from Madrid Open with flu

The 34-year-old world number one has only played four tournaments since August, failing to win any of them.

Vaccination in morning more effective: Study

 Flu vaccinations, when administered in the morning, can prove to be more effective than in afternoon and can induce greater and protective antibody responses, finds a study.

70 die of swine flu in Brazil in three months

 At least 70 people died of swine flu in Brazil till March 26, almost twice as many as in the whole of 2015, the health ministry said.

How Super Bowl celebrations can spread flu

Models show this year's flu season could be a mild one, but the virus will still kill thousands of people and sicken many more.

Easy home remedies for fast flu relief!

Since flu is highly contagious, the illness can occur in individuals of any age.

Research agency warns of flu epidemic in Russia

Russia's sanitary and epidemiological watchdog Rospotrebnadzor's St. Petersburg branch issued on Friday an order declaring the epidemic in the city.

Research reveals antibiotics no longer effective

Public is suffering a lot due to cold and cough and antibiotics are no longer effective says the research of two renown hospitals of Delhi.

Why flu shot protection declines as we age

Once you grow old, flu vaccine gets less effective and now, a team of researchers has explained why it is so.

New protein target to help fight flu

Thanks to the comprehensive analysis of these 'OMIC' databases, 20 previously unknown host molecules that promote the growth of influenza A viruses have been discovered.

New vaccine strategy shields high-risk cancer patients from flu

Even though patients with multiple myeloma and other plasma cell disorders may receive an annual flu vaccine, studies show that a one-time flu shot does not offer adequate immune response.

Mariah Carey doing well after flu

Mariah Carey doing well after flu

Carey mentioned feeling unwell, but went about her business as usual and talked about her excitement about the Christmas holidays. 

Here`s how our soft palates help flu to spread

A new study has revealed how flu viruses gain the ability to spread.

Anaesthesia may help us fight flu

 Certain so-called "volatile" anaesthetics -- commonly used during surgeries -- may also possess powerful effects on the immune system that can combat viral and bacterial infections in the lung, including influenza and pneumonia, say researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

'Major step' toward universal flu vaccine: Studies

Scientists have taken a major step towards creating a vaccine that works against multiple strains of influenza, according to two studies published today in top journals.

Smartphones can help track flu on campus: Study

 Wearable devices or smartphone apps can provide personal health and lifestyle data which may help identify college students at risk of catching the flu, researchers have found.

Soon, no more vaccine would be needed to cure 'flu'

Soon, flu could be wiped out without the need of an injection, as researchers have found a way of increasing the level of a key protein in the human body that could end the virus.

How being addicted to the internet could make you sick!

Spending too much time online can damage your immune function.

Scientists can forecast flu outbreaks in subtropical climates

 Just like weather forecasting, scientists can now predict the timing and intensity of influenza outbreaks in subtropical climates, where flu seasons can occur at different times and more than once during a year.