Here`s how our soft palates help flu to spread

A new study has revealed how flu viruses gain the ability to spread.

Anaesthesia may help us fight flu

 Certain so-called "volatile" anaesthetics -- commonly used during surgeries -- may also possess powerful effects on the immune system that can combat viral and bacterial infections in the lung, including influenza and pneumonia, say researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

'Major step' toward universal flu vaccine: Studies

Scientists have taken a major step towards creating a vaccine that works against multiple strains of influenza, according to two studies published today in top journals.

Smartphones can help track flu on campus: Study

 Wearable devices or smartphone apps can provide personal health and lifestyle data which may help identify college students at risk of catching the flu, researchers have found.

Soon, no more vaccine would be needed to cure 'flu'

Soon, flu could be wiped out without the need of an injection, as researchers have found a way of increasing the level of a key protein in the human body that could end the virus.

How being addicted to the internet could make you sick!

Spending too much time online can damage your immune function.

Scientists can forecast flu outbreaks in subtropical climates

 Just like weather forecasting, scientists can now predict the timing and intensity of influenza outbreaks in subtropical climates, where flu seasons can occur at different times and more than once during a year.

Tony Bennett cancels UK show with Lady Gaga due to flu

 Singer Tony Bennett cancelled his show with pop star Lady Gaga, scheduled for last evening at the Royal Albert Hall in UK last evening after he fell ill.

Serena Williams mulled French Open withdrawal
Serena Williams mulled French Open withdrawal

Serena Williams considered withdrawing from Saturday`s French Open final against Lucie Safarova on the eve of the match as she struggled to fight off the effects of flu.

Revolutionary drug may help eradicate 'killer' flu

In a breakthrough, scientists have found a new drug that promises to fight flu, bringing a dramatic reduction in death rates.

New drug may prevent death from flu virus

Scientists in Canada have developed a new drug that offers an unconventional approach to beat the flu virus.

Flawed gene explains why flu can kill in rare cases

While most people affected by the flu recover easily, children with a rare genetic mutation may fall so ill that they could end up in the hospital and even lose the battle against the influenza virus, suggests a new study.

Relax! Adults only catch flu about twice a decade

Adults over the age of 30 only catch flu about once every five years, researchers have calculated.

Swine flu deaths crosses 250 mark in Rajasthan

The swine flu epidemic continued to rage in Rajasthan with six more deaths reported on Thursday taking the total death toll over the 250 mark since the start of this year, an official said.

Nepal issues alert as swine flue virus infects 17

Nepal government has issued a high alert after at least 17 people, many of them from areas near the India-Nepal border, have tested positive for the deadly swine flu virus, officials on Thursday said.

1 more tests H1N1 positive in Odisha

One more person was tested positive on Thursday for the H1NI virus taking total number of swine flu cases in Odisha to 12, official sources said.

Four more swine flu deaths in Himachal

Swine flu claimed four more lives in Himachal Pradesh, raising the death toll to nine, a senior health official said on Thursday.

Baby boy dies during doctors' strike in Delhi hospital

One-year-old baby boy called Arman has died during a strike called by doctors at the Lady Hardinge Hospital in Delhi.

Virtual virus helps researchers unfold flu on computer for first time ever

 A "virtual virus" has helped scientists unfold the flu on a CPU, it has been revealed.

One more swine flu case detected in Odisha

A doctor has been tested positive for swine flu in Odisha, taking the number of patients afflicted with the disease to five in the state, said a health official here Tuesday.