'Father's neglect towards unborn child is domestic violence'

Any neglect or failure on the part of father of a yet to be born child is domestic violence and he cannot shirk his responsiblity to support the baby, a Delhi court on Tuesday said.

When 3D printing saved a newborn's life

 A 3D printing model of the head of a foetus recently helped doctors save the life of a newborn who had developed a life threatening complication at University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in the US.

Dead foetus removed from 4-yr-old boy

4 year old boy found with medical abnormality called "Foetus-in-Foetus".

1022 intrauterine transfusions carried out at AIIMS

As many as 1,022 intrauterine transfusions have been carried out on 373 foetuses by doctors at the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division of AIIMS during a period of 18 years.

Foetal cells affect mother's health after pregnancy

 During pregnancy, cells of the foetus often migrate through the placenta, taking up residence in many areas of the mother's body, where their influence may benefit or undermine maternal health, a research has found.

Sex determination: Supreme Court asks Google, Yahoo, Microsoft to respond

The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked search engines like Google India, Yahoo India and Microsoft Corporation (I) Pvt Ltd to respond to the allegations that they were violating Indian laws and a court order by not blocking advertisements on sex determination of a foetus.

Calcified foetus found inside 90-year-old Chilean woman

Zee Media Bureau

Washington: The doctors in Chile have discovered a calcified foetus inside a 90-year-old while performing an X-ray.

The woman was admitted to the hospital in the city of San Antonio after a fall.

Scientists design placenta-on-a-chip

Researchers have developed a "placenta-on-a-chip" to study the inner workings of the human placenta and its role in pregnancy.

Mom's ringing cellphone may startle foetus: Study

Moms-to-be, take note! The sounds and vibrations emitted by cellphones carried by pregnant women may rattle the sleep-and-wake cycles of their foetuses, a new study has found.

Gestational diabetes may increase risk of autistic baby

 Mothers who develop diabetes during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy may have a higher risk of having a baby who will develop autism, a study published in the American Medical Association's JAMA Internal Medicine journal said.

BBV: When Delhi's air turned poisonous

Despite various studies and warnings, political inaction and the administration’s apathy has turned the Delhi's air into poison, which in turn has given rise to serious health issues.

Effects of smoking may be seen in unborn babies

The harmful effects of maternal smoking during pregnancy may be reflected in the facial movements of babies in the womb, according to researchers who studied 4-D ultrasound scans of foetuses.

First fully-implantable micropacemaker created for foetal use

US researchers have developed the first fully implantable micropacemaker designed for use in a foetus with complete heart block.

Woman faces 100 years in jail in Colorado for ripping out foetus

A woman in Colorado accused of stabbing a pregnant woman and removing her seven-month-old foetus has been charged with eight counts of felony and faces potentially more than 100 years in prison.

Micropacemaker to treat foetus with heart block

In a first, researchers have designed a fully implantable micropacemaker for use in a foetus with complete heart block.

Baby born with 'foetus', condition found one in 5 lakh births

A stillborn baby with a "foetus" in her, a very rare condition called "foetus in fetu" was delivered at a government hospital here and authorities said a genetic study for parents could throw more light on it.

'Twin fetuses' found inside newborn baby in Hong Kong

  In an extremely rare medical occurrence, a pair of fetuses have been found inside the body of a newborn baby girl in Hong Kong, who has recovered from a surgery to remove the mass of tissue.

Foetus's genes, not mother's, may result in preterm births

 Variants in the genetic material of the foetus - not the mother - may be the trigger for some premature births, a research has found.

In a first, Hyderabad doctors perform rare heart surgery on foetus

In a significant medical breakthrough and a first in the country, a rare surgery on foetus was performed inside a pregnant woman's womb by doctors at a hospital in Hyderabad.

Pregnant women`s wine intake could cause pancreatic problems in yet-to-be born kids

A study has warned against use of Resveratrol supplements, which is a plant compound found in the skin of red grapes and in peanuts and berries, among other plants by pregnant women.