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UK Food Standards Agency finds made in India Maggi safe to eat

"The FSA can confirm that results from testing samples of Maggi Noodles in the UK have all found that levels of lead in the product is well within EU permissible levels and would not be a concern to consumers," FSA said in statement.

British supermarkets sold contaminated chicken

 Eight of the every 10 fresh chickens bought from British supermarkets this summer were contaminated with the potentially lethal food-poisoning bug campylobacter, the food watchdog has said.

UK food agency raids abattoir in horsemeat scandal

The Food Standards Agency said it shut down the Peter Boddy slaughterhouse in northern England.

`Britain`s horsemeat scandal to worsen`

Britain`s raging meat scandal is set to worsen as the environment ministry on Sunday warned that more British ready meals containing horsemeat are expected to be found over the next few weeks.

Cats `hazardous to human health`

Pet cats pose a serious risk of illness and even death to humans, experts have revealed.

Gym supplements `can do more harm than good`

High levels of additional protein can cause side effects, which include nausea as well as kidney and liver damage.