Anti-farmer steps would jeopardise India's food security: Congress

 Congress on Friday alleged that the "anti-farmer" policies of the Narendra Modi-led Central government were responsible for the "grave" agrarian crisis in the country.

Here's how forest foods can help solve global hunger crisis
Here's how forest foods can help solve global hunger crisis

 A new study has suggested that forests could be the trump card in efforts to end global hunger.

Farmer's suicide at AAP rally being probed: Rajnath Singh

Investigation into the suicide of a farmer from Rajasthan at an AAP rally has been handed over to the crime branch and the Delhi Police has been asked to give a report in the matter in a time-bound manner, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Thursday.

'Sunderbans hardly prepared for climate change, migration'

 The fragile Sunderbans - the largest mangrove forests and delta region spread over both Bangladesh and India - is "hardly prepared" for climate change-related issues, experts said here on Thursday.

'Ignoring climate change could increase nutrition disorders'

 Ignoring climate change could exacerbate nutrition deficiency disorders in South Asia, particularly in women and children, experts said on Thursday.

Debate over Land Acquisition Bill in Lok Sabha

Let the Bill come to the House and then can be debated. First let the bill come and everyone read before this discussion. Don't make speeches without actually reading the law on Land Acquisition Ordinance, said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Bhutan's seed bank to ensure food security

Boasting of more than 300 local rice varieties that have withstood varying weather conditions over the ages, Bhutan is relying on its seed bank - a conserve of seeds and other genetic resources of indigenous plants - to tackle food security issues arising out of climate change.

Kerala to widen food security net

Widening the food security net, Kerala will add another 60 lakh people under the priority category for getting food grain from the Public Distribution System.

Ancestors hold clue to global food security

Agricultural decisions made by our ancestors more than 10,000 years ago could hold the key to food security in the future, according to a new research by the University of Sheffield.

Man not evolving fast enough to match environment changes: Scientist
Man not evolving fast enough to match environment changes: Scientist

Humanity is at an evolutionary paradox -- neither able to keep pace with man-made changes to the environment nor able to control constantly evolving pests and diseases, a leading paedetrician and scientist of New Zealand said Friday.

85 lakh people to be removed from food security scheme in Rajasthan

85 lakh ineligible people were added as beneficiary under food security scheme and will be removed from the list as soon as possible, Rajasthan government said here on Wednesday.

Mamata flays Centre over food security act

Blaming the Centre for the non-implementation of the Food Security Act in West Bengal so far, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Monday said the union government has failed to put in place a proper law and decide on the funding for the scheme.

Rising CO2 levels to worsen food quality

In what could be bad news for countries seeking food security, researchers have found that rising CO2 levels will deprive many food grains of their nutritional value.

`Healthy population more receptive to improvements`

A healthy population will be more receptive to programmes and initiatives aimed at improving its education, food security and employment opportunities, President Pranab Mukherjee said Wednesday.

Water security more important than food security: Rajendra Singh

Renowned water conservation activist and Magsaysay Award winner Rajendra Singh on Monday said water security was more important for the country than food security.

`Land location overrides fertility; threat to food security`

With industrialisation, the location of a land overrides the fertility factors which may pose a threat to country`s food security problems, said a study released today.

UP Cong to protest against non-implementation of food scheme

As a part of its protests against the non-implementation of food security scheme by the Uttar Pradesh government, the Congress would put a lock on the gates of the Varanasi district magistrate`s office on December 26.

India to be firm on food security at Bali meet

India Sunday gave a clear signal that it will be firm on the core agenda of food security while pursuing a constructive dialogue at the ministerial conference of World Trade Organization (WTO) at Bali Dec 3-6.

Water, land and tech should be judiciously used: Tariq Anwar

Water, land and modern technology should be used judiciously to maintain sustainable agriculture and achieve food security for the country`s constantly growing population in years to come, Union Minister of State for Agriculture Tariq Anwar said here Tuesday.

Ensure food, nutrition security: Pawar

Increasing crop productivity and production with efficient use of scarce resources are the only long-term solutions to ensure food and nutritional security of the country, Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said Thursday.