Worm-like ancient `misfit` finds family in `tree of life`

The fossil of an ancient worm-like creature, which had legs, spikes and a head difficult to distinguish from its tail, has finally been placed in the evolutionary tree of life.

`Evolutionary misfit` fossil linked with modern animals

Researchers have linked one of the most bizarre-looking fossils ever found - a worm-like creature with legs, spikes and a head difficult to distinguish from its tail - with a group of modern animals.

37m yr old fossil of `giant penguin` found near Antarctica

Researchers have discovered a fossil, which provided the proof that `colossal penguins` existed around 37 to 40 million years ago, on a small island near Antarctica.

Rare whale fossil pulled from California backyard

A rare whale fossil has been pulled from a Southern California backyard.
Paleontologist Howell Thomas of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County says the 16- to 17-million-year-old baleen whale fossil is one of about 20 baleen whale fossils known to exist.

Scientists to excavate Wyoming cave with trove of Ice Age fossils

Scientists will begin excavation early next week of an ancient Wyoming sinkhole containing a rare bounty of fossil remains of prehistoric animals, such as mammoths and dire wolves, preserved in unusually good condition, researchers said on Thursday.

Scientists identify two-inch long hedgehog species

Scientists have identified the fossilised remains of a two-inch-long hedgehog species, which they have called `Silvacola acares`, in an ancient lake bed in Canada.

Scientists identify world`s largest flying bird

A fossil found three decades ago in the US may have been the world`s largest ever flying bird, say researchers.

Dinosaur sporting `wings` on head found

Triceratops are passe. Here comes a new horned dinosaur and its cranial ornamentation is even more flowery than the three-horned dinosaur the world had earlier come to know, reveals a new study.

Climate engineering cannot help us in erasing climate change

Researchers have said that climate engineering cannot help us erase whatever has happened to climate change.

Ancestor of giant flying reptiles found in China

Scientists have discovered fossil of the earliest and most primitive reptile, the largest known flying creature to have ever existed that lived some 163 million years ago.

Scientists unearth over 500-mln-year old rare fossilized embryos

Researchers at the University of Missouri have unearthed rare fossilized embryos which they believe is more than 500 million years old.

75 million-year-old giant turtle`s bone from fossil discoveries assembled

Paleontologists have assembled a giant turtle`s bone from fossil discoveries made centuries apart.

First dinosaur fossil found in Malaysia

Scientists claim to have unearthed the first known dinosaur fossil in Malaysia - the tooth of a fish-eating predator at least 75 million years old.

375 million-year-old fish fossil reveals evolution of hind limbs

Researchers have discovered a well-preserved pelves and a partial pelvic fin from Tiktaalik roseae, a 375 million-year-old transitional species between fish and the first legged animals, which has revealed that the evolution of hind legs actually began as enhanced hind fins.

34 foreign scientists in Jaisalmer to study Dinosaurs` fossils

A team of 34 foreign scientists from a number of countries including France and Germany have arrived here to study fossils of Dinosaurs found in sandy desert areas recently.

Fossil found in US could help unravel mysterious dinosaur riddle

A fossil featuring two dinosaurs, one a top predator and the other a massive three-horned plant eater, could help unravel a mystery about a new type of dinosaurs.

Fossil of most evolutionarily successful mammal found in China

A nearly complete skeleton that belongs to the oldest ancestor of "the most evolutionarily successful and long-lived mammal lineage" on Earth has been unearthed in China

50 million-year-old fossil trove discovered in Brisbane

Australian builders upgrading a level crossing have uncovered a trove of ancient plant and animal fossils believed to be around 50 million years old.

Giant Arctic camel`s fossil found

Canadian paleontologists have discovered the fossilized remains of a giant camel that lived in the Arctic some 3.5 million years ago.

Giant predator fed on similar-sized prey

A 28-foot reptile species is the first top marine predator that fed on similar-sized prey more than 244 million years ago, say findings based on a fossil recovered from the Nevada desert.

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