Statins not linked with reduced fracture risk

Contrary to prevalent suggestions that statin users may have a reduced risk of fractures, researchers have found that treatment with an anti-cholesterol medicine did not reduce the risk of fracture among men and women.

High milk intake may be associated with more fractures, death rates

A new study has found that contrary to the belief that milk helps reduce the risk of fractures, it actually may be linked to high fracture and mortality rate.

Technique to stimulate new bone growth developed

MIT scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher, have designed a new implantable tissue scaffold that induces the body to rapidly form new bone which looks and behaves just like the original tissue.

Spider silk inspires stronger adhesives

Researchers after getting inspired from spider Silk are trying to develop more efficient and stronger commercial and biomedical adhesives that could, for example, potentially attach tendons to bones or bind fractures.

Obesity can aggravate bone and muscle loss

Did you know that obesity may result in deterioration of bone density and muscle mass? If not, pay heed, a study warns.

I will never cut down on pace, says Aaron

Indian fast bowlers have a history of cutting down on pace to focus on line and length but Varun Aaron, despite coming off five stress fractures, says he will never compromise when it comes to speed.

Vitamin D insufficiency linked to increased fracture risk in elderly women

A new study has shown that long-term low levels of vitamin D intake are associated with higher 10-year fracture risk in elderly women.

Vitamin D supplements not required for healthy people: Experts

According to experts,healthy people don`t need Vitamin D supplements.

Being active during early years may help lower fracture risks in old age

Exercise interventions in childhood may be associated with lower fracture risks as people age, due to the increases in peak bone mass that occurs in growing children who perform regular physical activity, a new study has concluded.

Smoking prolongs fracture healing

A new study led by an Indian researcher from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania corroborates early evidence showing that cigarette smoking leads to longer healing times and an increased rate of post-operative complication and infection for patients sustaining fractures or traumatic injuries to their bone.

What triggers fractures in healthy bones

Scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher, have shown for the first time how the little-understood protein osteocalcin plays a significant role in the strength of our bones.

World Osteoporosis Day: Save yourself!

Just maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consuming a rich balanced diet is enough to ward off this disease.

New gene could pave way for preventive medicine against fractures

Scientists have identified a special gene that regulates bone density and bone strength.

Epilepsy drugs trigger risk of fractures

People on anti-epileptic drugs are up to four times more likely to suffer spine, collar bone and ankle fractures than non-users of such drugs.

New genetic regions behind bone-weakening disease and fractures identified

Researchers have uncovered thirty-two previously unidentified genetic regions associated with osteoporosis and fracture.

Vit D has mixed effects on cancer, broken bones

Extra vit D and calcium may offer some protection against fractures in elderly people.

Vit D has mixed effects on cancer, broken bones

Extra vit D and calcium may offer some protection against fractures in elderly people.

Young women with rheumatoid arthritis more vulnerable to fractures

Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to chronic, debilitating inflammation of the joints.

Nithyananda fractures hand

Self styled godman, Nithyananda
Tuesday a surgery for a fracture in his forearm at a hospital here.

Mars Express finds deep fractures on the planet

Newly released images show a system of deep fractures in the crust around the Isidis impact basin.