New malware communicates via sound waves

Scientists have developed a malware that transmits information between computers using high-frequency sound waves inaudible to the human ear.

Coming soon, tires made out of `rubber from dandelion juice`

German researchers are working on developing tires made from a rubber derived from the juice of tenacious and prolific weed, dandelion.

Artificial corneas may help blind see again

Scientists are in the process of developing two different types of artificial corneas, which they hope could save the vision of those affected by corneal diseases.

Diabetics could soon measure blood glucose sans needle pricks

The daily sticking of the finger by diabetics to check their blood glucose may soon become a thing of the past, thanks to a diagnostic system with a newly developed technology.

Vibrations to help in energy harvesting

Sensors, transmitters, GPS modules need only a few milliwatts to operate, which could also be met by vibrations.

Now, drones to keep eye on trouble-makers in crowd

Eyebot drones, the latest in surveillance technology, would promptly spot mischief makers during major sporting or social events.

How a cell phone can help save energy

A team of scientists has developed an application for cell phones that would help save power by showing the energy consumption of individual devices in the household.