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Ravi Shankar to address French Parliament

Ravi Shankar to address French Parliament

"This is the first time an Indian spiritual leader will address both the houses of the French Parliament," the group said.

French Parliament votes to extend state of emergency to May 26

The French parliament voted to extend the country`s state of emergency, implemented after the November 13 terror attacks, by a further three months to May 26 under a vote by the National Assembly on Tuesday.

French parliament votes to recognise Palestine as state

French National Assembly Tuesday voted for the recognition of a Palestinian state, a symbolic move aimed at rising diplomatic pressure to resolve decade-long peace process in the Middle East.

French parliament approves jihadist travel ban

France's parliament on Tuesday approved a new anti-terror bill aimed at preventing potential jihadists from travelling to Iraq, Syria or elsewhere by confiscating their passports.

French Parliament adopts landmark gay marriage law

The French parliament on Tuesday defied months of angry protests by approving a bill that is to make France the 14th country worldwide to legalise same-sex marriages.

French Parl votes in sexual harassment law

France`s Parliament has approved legislation that makes sexual harassment a crime, addressing problems many say have existed for decades.

French parliament rejects gay marriage bill

French lawmakers have rejected a bill presented by the opposition Socialist Party seeking to legalize same-sex marriage.

French Parliament approves ban on face veils

France`s lower house of Parliament overhwelmingly approved a ban on burqa.

French Parliament set to vote on veil ban

As France`s Parliament debates whether
to ban burqa-like Muslim veils, one lawmaker compares them to
muzzles, or "walking coffins". Another proclaims that women
who wear them must be liberated, even against their will.

French Parliament votes to return Maori heads to NZ

The French Parliament on Tuesday voted to return around 15 tattooed and mummified heads of Maori warriors to NZ, ending years of debate over restitution of human remains.