French troops kill around a dozen Islamist militants in Mali

 French forces in northern Mali have killed around a dozen Islamist militants in the region of the Adrar des Ifoghas mountains, France`s Defence Ministry said on Monday.

French troops kill ex-rebels in Central Africa: Military

French peacekeeping troops killed several former rebels after they came under heavy fire while on patrol in the Central African Republic, military sources said on Tuesday.

French troops kill militiamen in Central Africa: Officer

French peacekeeping troops killed several militiamen after they came under attack during a patrol in the north of the Central African Republic, an officer with the African peacekeeping force said Tuesday.

France ends Mali offensive, redeploys troops to restive Sahel

France said on Sunday its military offensive that freed northern Mali from the grip of Islamists would be replaced by an operation spanning the wider, largely lawless Sahel region to combat extremist violence.

French troops battle Muslim rebels in Central African Republic town

French peacekeeping troops in Central African Republic using helicopter gunships and mortars fought Muslim rebels on Saturday at a bridge in the town of Bambari northeast of the capital Bangui, a Reuters witness said.

French troops kill gunmen in heavy Central African Republic clashes

French peacekeepers killed several militants during a three-hour battle on Monday after coming under attack from some 40 heavily armed unidentified gunmen in the northwest of Central African Republic, a French Army official said on Tuesday.

Hollande arrives in Bangui to meet French troops

French President Francois Hollande arrived in the capital of the Central African Republic on Friday on a visit to meet French troops and interim president Catherine Samba Panza.

French troops mandate in C Africa `likely` to be extended: Minister

The mandate for French troops trying to quell deadly unrest in the Central African Republic is "likely" to be extended, France`s defence minister said in an interview on Thursday.

Ruthless Christian militias hunt down Muslims in CAR capital

Rudimentary weapons taken from Christian extremist militias by French troops in the capital of the Central African Republic were piled up on the ground, near the body of a young man whose ears were ripped off.

Troops find six-tonne explosives cache in Mali: UN

French and Chadian troops have destroyed almost six tonnes of explosives and weapons found in Mali`s rebel-infested desert north, the United Nations said on Monday.

France begins withdrawal of troops from Mali

Four months after France deployed troops to control the Islamists rebel in Mali, the process of major military withdrawal from the area reportedly started on Saturday.

French forces leaving Malian town of Timbuktu

Dozens of French forces have left the northern Malian town of Timbuktu several months after their military operation largely ousted radical Islamic fighters from the area, a French military official said on Sunday.

Indians injured in Central African Republic reach Delhi

Six Indians injured in a shooting incident in the Central African Republic last month were flown in Delhi on Sunday.

France to cut troops level in Mali

French President Francois Hollande has announced to reduce the present troops level in Mali by the end of this year.

Two Indians killed in Central Africa by French troops

Two Indians were killed and six others seriously injured on Monday by French troops in the Central African Republic.

French, Mali troops recover explosives in Gao

French soldiers today recovered an enormous stash of explosives that authorities believe radical Islamic fighters were using to make bombs for attacks on northern Mali`s largest city, a Malian military spokesman said.

French troops to quit Timbuktu on Feb 07

French airstrikes targeted the fuel depots and desert hideouts of Islamic extremists in northern Mali overnight as a military spokeswoman said that French forces plan to hand control of Timbuktu to the Malian army this week.

French troops enter Kidal, last Mali rebel town

In yet another victory over Islamists in Mali, French troops on Wednesday entered Kidal.

French take Mali’s Timbuktu, Islamists torch library

French troops have seized the historic city of Timbuktu in Mali after advancing north into an area held by Islamist militants.

`Premature to talk about UN peacekeeping mission in Mali`

It is too premature to talk about a UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, where French troops are currently fighting al Qaeda, a senior world body official has said.