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China planning submarine that would travel Shanghai to San Francisco in 2 hours

China has reportedly revealed plans for a new supersonic submarine based on Cold War technology that will travel inside an air bubble to reduce friction.

Friction and fractures inter-related, may explain earthquakes

In a major breakthrough that has implications for describing the mechanics that drive earthquakes, researchers have discovered that how things break (fracture) and how things slide (friction) are closely inter-related.

`Bird hunting creates friction between India, Pak`

The hunting of endangered houbara bustards by members of Arab royal families in Pak has led to the BSF complaining about the firing.

No friction in coalition government in JK: Soz

Denying any friction between Congress and its coalition partner National Conference in the state, J&K Pradesh Congress chief Saif-ud-Din Soz on Thursday said that ties between the two parties will be strengthened further.

No divorce on isolated incidents of friction: SC

The Supreme Court has ruled that
divorce cannot be granted on isolated incidents of friction or
statements made on the spur of the moment by either spouse as
they do not constitute an act of "cruelty."