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Eco-friendly cars running on air? Indian scientists show the way

Indian scientists have shown a new route to make fuel cells more efficient, thus pushing further the possibility that cars could one day run on air.

Next generation of batteries and fuel cells soon

 A team of US scientists has made a discovery that could dramatically improve the efficiency of batteries and fuel cells.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars to rule the roost in future

Hydrogen fuel cell cars to rule the roost in future

They may be exorbitantly expensive at the moment, but cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells have the potential to challenge the dominance of petrol and diesel cars in the near future, said a researcher from Loughborough University in Britain.

Fuel cells could reveal how life arose on Earth

Researchers have found a unique way to study the origins of life: fuel cells.

Quick recipe for producing cheaper hydrogen discovered

Scientists have discovered a quick-cook recipe for copious volumes of hydrogen (H2).