Japan marks 3rd anniversary of quake-tsunami disaster

Survivors bowed deeply at remembrance ceremonies in towns and cities around the disaster zone and in Tokyo, where Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko led tributes to those who died in Japan`s worst peace-time disaster.

China to raise nuke power capacity by 20 per cent

China on Tuesday announced plans to raise its installed nuclear power generation capacity by 20 per cent this year, shaking off concerns over atomic safety in the wake of Japan`s Fukushima disaster.

Japan to review plans to abandon nuclear power

The new government in Japan has announced it will review planned nuclear power phase-out proposed by the previous administration.

China permits construction of `small number` of new N plants

The construction of new nuclear power stations will be resumed in coast areas but only in a small number, a statement from the Chinese government said.

China tacitly permits resumption of new N plants` construction

The Chinese government has tacitly begun granting permissions for the resumption of construction of several new nuclear power plants that were halted after the Fukoshima disaster.

`Weak links in security of India`s N-plants`

Weak links have been pointed out in the security of nuclear power plants along India`s coastline, a top official involved in the country`s disaster management efforts said.

Nuke disaster: Radiation levels high in Japan

Farmland in parts of Japan is no
longer safe because of high levels of radiation in the soil, scientists have warned.

India wants new tests before French reactors order

India wants new test results in light of the Fukushima disaster before finalising a multi-billion-euro order with France`s Areva for new reactors, France`s energy minister said on Monday.

Russia finds nuclear safety faults after Fukushima

Russia has till now steadfastly defended its 10 nuclear power plants, 32 reactors against criticism.

‘Dangers of nuclear technology being underplayed’

EA Sarma talks to Zee Research Group’s Rakesh Khar about nuclear energy.

‘Dangers of nuclear technology being underplayed’

EA Sarma talks to Zee Research Group’s Rakesh Khar about nuclear energy.

‘Study needed before setting up new N-power parks’

Existing nuclear clusters should also be studied in the wake of Japan disaster, a top scientist said.

CPI (M) demands stop on all new nuclear projects

The CPI(M) demanded an
immediate stop on all new nuclear projects, saying it
was `elementary` for the government to pay heed to public
protests against such plants after the Fukushima disaster.

US studies Fukushima disaster for safety lessons

Two key weaknesses could also plague reactors in the United States.