Fukushima nuclear power plant

Fukushima finishes purification process of stored radioactive water

The operator of the disabled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan has finished purifying the 620,000 tonnes of radioactive water stored in tanks at the plant, overcoming the main stumbling block in the process of dismantling it.

May 27, 2015, 18:08 PM IST

Fukushima owner negotiating partial sale of uranium reserves

 The Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), owner of the disaster-hit Fukushima nuclear power plant, is negotiating a partial sale of its nuclear fuel reserves, a company spokesman confirmed to Efe news agency on Tuesday.

May 19, 2015, 16:18 PM IST

Handling radioactive waste at Fukushima plant could be improved: IAEA

The UN nuclear watchdog said the management of radioactive waste and contaminated water at Japan`s tsunami-crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant could be improved despite good progress in cleaning up the site.

May 15, 2015, 02:18 AM IST

Fukushima worker dies after falling into water storage tank

 A worker at Japan`s destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant died on Tuesday after falling inside a water storage tank, the latest in a spate of industrial accidents at the site of the March 2011 nuclear disaster, the world`s worst since Chernobyl.

Jan 20, 2015, 08:56 AM IST

Fukushima operator TEPCO posts solid mid-term profit

The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant posted a solid mid-term pre-tax profit on Friday, despite not restarting idle nuclear reactors or hiking electricity rates.

Oct 31, 2014, 19:18 PM IST

Fukushima operator to compensate victim in suicide law suit, won't appeal

The operator of the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant said on Friday it won`t appeal against a court ruling that it was responsible for the suicide of a woman who became depressed after the 2011 disaster, adding it would pay USD 465,400 in compensation.

Sep 05, 2014, 15:01 PM IST

Ex-PM to head Tokyo 2020 organising committee

Former Japanese prime minister Yoshiro Mori will head the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic and Paralympic organising committee, officials announced on Friday.

Jan 24, 2014, 22:58 PM IST

Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits eastern Japan: USGS

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake hit eastern Japan Tuesday morning, seismologists reported.

Nov 19, 2013, 09:33 AM IST

Typhoon threatens Japan; precautions at Fukushima nuclear plant

A once-in-a-decade typhoon threatened Japan on Tuesday, disrupting travel and shipping and forcing precautions to be taken at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Oct 15, 2013, 13:39 PM IST

China`s paralysed airport bomber sentenced to 6 yrs

Ji received a minor sentence because he warned people to stay away from him at the scene of the blast and confessed his crimes in the court, state-run Xinhua quoted the court ruling as saying.

Oct 15, 2013, 13:39 PM IST

UN panel says Japan nuclear workers may have got higher radiation: Report

Japanese authorities may have underestimated by 20 percent the radiation doses workers got in the initial phase of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, a Japanese newspaper reported on Saturday, citing a UN panel.

Oct 12, 2013, 17:12 PM IST

Japan sees nuke plants as deterrent against attack

As Japan`s defence chief, Satoshi Morimoto is destined to take part in the Cabinet’s imminent decision on the new national energy policy.

Sep 06, 2012, 16:24 PM IST

TEPCO ordered to defer reporting looming explosion

Tokyo Electric Power Co has released about 150 hours of video records of the company`s teleconferences from March 11 to March 16 last year.

Aug 16, 2012, 17:10 PM IST

Japan probes alleged cover-up at nuclear plant

Subcontractors allegedly forced workers at Fukushima Dai-ichi plant to underreport the amount of radiation they were exposed to.

Jul 22, 2012, 21:21 PM IST

Japan`s Fukushima N-crisis was ‘man-made disaster’

Nuclear power returned to Japan`s energy mix as the first reactor to be restarted since 2011 earthquake and tsunami came back online.

Jul 05, 2012, 11:39 AM IST

Japan to restart two nuclear reactors

Japan`s Prime Minister Yoshiko Noda said the restart at the Oi nuclear power plant, in central Fukui prefecture, was necessary to avert power shortages.

Jun 16, 2012, 12:29 PM IST

Fukushima leak may have flowed into Pacific: TEPCO

Tokyo Electric Power Company said the leak was found early
from a pipe attached to a temporary decontamination

Apr 05, 2012, 16:27 PM IST

China to resume N-plants construction

China will resume constructing nuclear power plants that had been halted following an accident last year in Japan.

Mar 07, 2012, 23:19 PM IST

Japan: `Most towns unsure over nuclear stress test

The stress tests are aimed at showing the reactors can withstand the scale of disaster that crippled Fukushima reactors last year.

Feb 04, 2012, 13:15 PM IST

Japan government approves $11.5 bn aid to TEPCO

Japan's government on Friday agreed to give the operator of the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant USD 11.5 billion to help it pay compensation to those affected by the disaster.

Nov 04, 2011, 18:03 PM IST